Sunday, November 16, 2014

I am back!

Went to tonkotsu ramen Ogi and wtf. The shop name is Menya Mazehoru. How can the best ramen I've ever tasted not be there? This is a fucking outrage and I am super depressed.

Best possible news is that its just a name change. Worst news is that the dude sold his shop. I guess I'll find out when it opens on Monday.

The new radio kaiken where the time machine from Steins Gate crashed. Personally, I preferred the old one cause it felt old. This is too homogenised and clean.

If senzu beans actually worked, do you think they would cost this much?

Went to Yodobashi looking for this new Japan travel sim which is 500 yen more expensive than b-mobile but has double the limit at 2gb. Unfortunately no nano sim version and I didn't want to risk DIY without a sim cutter.

Went to Saitama to catch up with a friend and it was a toss up between izakaya and yakiniku. We ended up going to Futago where the seat covers could be opened ao you could store your bags and they gave you a plastic warp for your mobile phone.

Best potato salad I ever had and the horumon was to die for.

I'm pretty sure I died eating the sukiyaki karubi. Fuck should have had one more.

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