Thursday, November 27, 2014

Japan day 10 : Shiga part 1

Autumn leaves in Tenmabashi. Original plan was to rest in hotel but Kyoto sucked except for the yakiniku and I had not been to Shiga before. I was told my Kansai timing was good because of the weather but it also coincided with the long weekend aka sanrenkyuu.

Taking the train to Kyoto again...

.. and then jumping onto another line to Wani station to get picked up.

That is not the sea. Its Biwako, the largest lake in Japan. Yes, I did the 'umi da!' that every anime character says.

There's an island in the middle where a hundred people live.

We were driving around when we came across a sheep and two goats.

The sheep was lying down and when we got close the fucker charged at me and I jumped back. Thank goodness for the chains. I remember thinking as it was charging, "There's no horns on this animal to grab."

Looking for coffee shop staff at 800 yen an hour.

We went the Chanbon for buta soba.

Its actually not bad except they don't allow kaedama so I was half full.

Some famous Biwako bridge.

Lastly, I just missed the Michishige Sayumi graduation. Couldn't get a ticket and the resell tickets were very expensive. Even the cinema broadcast of the concert was going over 10000 yen!

End the end I decided it was not worth it and I would have been bored out of my mind especially with crappy seats ans the newer songa being boring for me. It was my last chance to see a momusu that I knew but I think I had a better time time tonight, which I will cover later.


Antspace said...

Ouch! I should have visited Lake Biwa : ( Great photo's!

Actually, I loved Kyoto, but was there in summer. It was sooo hot and humid though : P

Another actually, I was attacked by a sheep as well (ages ago when I was twelve). I ran for my life because it was so ferocious! Just managed to jump over the fence : )

Akiramike said...

Biwako is perfect for summer with the beach and barbeque. Looks like we are both part of the attacked by sheep club.