Monday, November 24, 2014

Japan trip 2 2K14 days 8 and 9 : Osaka and Kyoto

Massan whiskey from the asadora that is showing now. This is from Nagoya station.

Osaka station.

Some kid molesting poor Pikachu.

I was asked why I didn't hug Pikachu. I am not going to risk my life and die from electric shock.

There are always street performances outside Osaka station by indie singers.

Kyoto sucks. Too many people and we spent more time in buses than looking at koyou.

Come to think of it, I should have turned a negative into a positive and tried to take pictures of the chicks taking pictures.

Rushing for 6pm reservation.

The main event in Kyoto was all you can eat yakiniku for 3500 yen with two hour time limit. I have never been so full in my life.

Cooking ika. The yakinikuya is called Mawari and it specialises in Omi beef from Shiga. There is only one store in Kyoto and all the other shops are in Shiga.

Huge christmas tree at Kyoto station. Next post will be about Ultra Tsundere in Nipponbashi. : )

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funasshi said...

I just sort of fell upon your blog while looking for jdrama links, but then I noticed that I was in Japan the exact same time that you were! Just arrived back home today, actually. Kinda funny.