Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Densha Otoko ep 8

If you have not watched ep 8, stop downloading pr0n and get it now or Shiraishi Miho will stick this needle uh, somewhere unpleasant.... (maybe the wrong threat to use against sukebes)


Ep 8 is the funniest episode of the series yet. Sakurai-san is a perfect for playing the antagonist. Its so funny to see his plans go up in smoke. Loved the part where he tries to impersonate Densha on the board. His impersonation is so freaking funny. The one sad note is that it looks like Koide Saori's story has finished. I want an alternate story where there's more Koide Saori! Misaki Itoh just diesn't look as hot in a maid uniform!

As a consolation, we get to see the story behind Sakurai Chizu and Ogari Shun.

It would have been fun if they had cast Yaguchi Mari in Sakurai Chizu's role but Chizu's hot so I can't complain. The way their subplot ends kinda reminds me of the ending of Golden Bowl. :) IMO, they should have saved it for the last ep.

Hermes with Densha's hot sis and Sakurai-san lurking at the back. Its nice to see his sis finally get more lines. She's so kawaii she must be adopted. Either that or the mom is really hot.

Ignore the Otakus in the foreground and concentrate on the maids in the background. Notice the second from left is wearing a very short skirt........ Drool...........

The climax of the ep, Hermes finally enter's Densha's room. WTF does Densha have two figures of T Hawk from Street Fighter? Maybe he's a super T Hawk user who can pull of 720s at will. Saw a really nice G-Taste figure today for $50. Was so tempted to get it.....

Update: Ooops, I made a big mistake. Should have noticed the name tag on the bag. Its not her ex, its her otousan. Thanks to Lydia for pointing it out. Goddamn, I was so afraid of the ex plotline that I was too quick to believe it. I blame my mistake on them casting a non balding, pot bellied actor to play her old man.

On that note, watching Densha meeting Hermes' father will be interesting. I would love to see Tamura Masakazu as the father. I can imagine the look of disgust on his face when he finds out Densha is an otoku, lol. Maybe the father will be revealed to be a closet otaku and has not actually been cheating on the mom but going to anime conventions. Lol. That would be a funny ending.

My prediction is Densha will end up helping Hermes' parents patch things up. And next ep Hermes is going to find out about the forum. How will she react to find out there are so many people privy to their relationship? Will she discover Densha's alien tenacle hentai collection?

Props to pocemit for uploading and Greyhorse for being a god of subbing.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Top 10 Japanese celebrities I would like to have carnal knowledge with pt 2

Actually my top 10 GF list is the 10 ten Japanese idols I would like to get into the sack with. (except now Hirayama Aya would be much higher on the list) I mean, what are girlfriends for, besides watching Jdoramas together?

So instead of just repeating the gf list, this list is for celebrities I just wanna root once, or maybe twice..... Girls in my top 10 GF list are ineligible but they'll be first in line in my dreams or if God makes me god for a day. Due to the fact that there are some AV stars on the list, its hard to find non-nude pics so please excuse the quality of some of the pics.

10)Aika Miru
One of the most famous AV stars ever. I remember getting on the internet way back in 94 and discovering something called JAV. Of course back in those days, it was mainly pics and small videos.

9)Akira Fubuki

FYI, I chose the nick Akiramike ages ago when I was young because of Akira Fubuki and Akira Yuki, the character from Virtua Fighter who is my avatar.

8)Uchiyama Rina

The sight of Uchiyama Rina in her elevator girl/Stewardess/Schoolgirl outfit in Moto Kare/Good Luck/SOS is enough to drive men wild. Maybe she's been trying to hook the cosplay crowd?

7) Umemiya Masako

First laid eyes on her wearing a white swisuit in Golden Bowl. There's something about her that just oozes sexual appeal.

6) Itoh Misaki (see previous entries for pics)

Though I don't find her that hot, she has become Hermes in my mind and the object of all Otakus' obsession. Did I mention her nice legs?

5) Miyuki Hourai

Although not really famous in the AV world as the others on my list, she's really kawaii and really turns me on. Not much to say except I recommend her AVs.

4) Koide Saori

Maybe its the combination of kawaii and her cosplaying character in Densha Otoko but I'm starting to get seriously obsessed with her character, which goes to show how mentally sound I am. What otaku wouldn't want to get laid with a girl in cosplay?

3) Kuroki Hitomi

Though she's turning 45 on the 5th of Oct she's forever beautiful. Any 40 year old would be happy to have a wife like her. Since I'm nowhere near 40, I'd be happy to settle for a roll in the sack.

Sorry for the crappy pic, just too lazy to dig out her shows to take caps. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

2) Sora Aoi
Look at how innocent she looks! Currently my fav JAV star. Just watch any of her AVs and see how kawaii she is. Though she's a bit plump but she pulls the best 'please be gentle' face that I've ever seen. Plus having nice jugs helps. :)

1)Bunko Kanazawa
My all time favourite JAV actress ever. She's like a cross between Matsushima Nanako and Kyoko Fukada. How I wish I could see her in some jdorama. Plus, with her years of experience, I'm sure I'll have a good time.

On a related note, thanks to those who gave info on the part 1 list. I seriously need to improve my knowledge on Japanese gravures.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Top 10 Japanese Celebrities to fcuk pt 1

This is part two of the top 10 list taken from and translated here:

A survey was done of which celebrities they wanted to have a good root with and here are the results as voted by the Japanese...

1.矢田亜希子 - Yada Akiko
No 1 on the GF and shagging list? And I thought Takeuchi Yuko was the 'it' girl of 2004 and Nakama Yuki in 2005.

2.インリン - Yinling (Inrin)
Never head of her before this. She's from Taiwan and is apparently very popular in Japan. (shows how much I know about Gravures) There are tons of much hotter Chinese stars I'd rather fcuk eg Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Zhou, Two of the S.H.E. girls except for the butch one.....

3.山田優 - Yamada Yu
Damn, she's on the GF and shag list and I don't even remember her from Orange Days. Why isn't Konishi Manami on this list???

4.ほしのあき - Hoshino Aki
What's so great about Hoshino Aki? How about the fact that she's the oldest gravure idol around at 27 and she still looks 21? Plus she has a nice set of tits.

5.黒木瞳 - Kuroki Hitomi
The hottest MILF in Japan. Yeah she's 45 but she looks fabulous and has a sweet voice. Who wouldn't want to do her? Definitely in my top 10 list. Can't find a higher res picture that looks good though I found some nude screencaps from her old movies, lol.

6.伊東美咲 - Itou Misaki
Best legs in Japan. 'nuff said

7.熊田曜子 - Kumada Youko
Another gravure idol that I'm not familiar with. Love her pose. :)

8.藤原紀香 - Fujiwara Norika
She's got a really good body, though I'm not sold on her face and wooden acting.

9.安田美沙子 - Yasuda Misako
Gravure idol. Hmm, she certainly looks very appealing.....

EDIT: Yasuda Misako seems to be popular because of the
アイフル (Aifuru ads). Thanks to Jeremy for the info. You can check out the ads at

10.杉本彩 - Sugimoto Aya
The second MILF on this list. Apparently acting in the Sailor Moon dorama series as the antagonist. Ok, I've seen 1 episode it of the series and it was really bad. I'm guessing lots of Nihonjin dudes watch the show or are familiar with her.

Or they have some hang-ups about super-villainesses. Personally, I'd rather shag any of the other Bishoujou Senshis. For those interested in finding out more about the show, visit:

According to '
someone who actually liked the SM live-action':

"Sugimoto Aya is mostly known here for the live-action Sailor Moon series, but I'm fairly sure she was in the whole gravure thing long before that. I remember when they were first doing the show, somebody commented, "Whoa, they've got a porn star as Queen Beryl!"

...and a look at the photography section of her Web site just confirmed it. They've got a picture of her squeezing her nipple. On her Web site. I guess that's what it takes to be the 10th best fuck in Japan."

Stay tuned for Akiramike's own top ten list of Japanese celebrities he wants to fcuk.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jdorama review: Densha Otoko ep 7

Finally started work on Tues last week though its temp work. So, no idea how long it'll last. Fingers crossed and hopes for the best. Won't be changing 'ramblings of a jobless bum' since its still a temp job. Besides, it sounds better than 'ramblings of a temp paralegal'.

I was going to write about H2 but couldn't resist watching Densha Otoko first and here I am writing about it. H2 is a hard dorama for me to rate and maybe I'll have to rewatch it in one shot.

Just couldn't resist taking screencaps of Koide Saori. As long as they keep showing her in cosplay outfits, I'm a happy sukebe. :) Maybe someone should do a cosplay dorama!

The good news is Koide Saori may have an ongoing side story so I'm hoping to see more of her in the final eps. The writers should forget telling stories about the other ppl on the forum and concentrate on her to satisfy the otokus and sukebes.

IMO, this is the best episode of Densha so far and sets the tone for the 2nd half of the series. I'm impressed that the writers have done 2 important things to make this series interesting.

1. Densha finally grows some balls. We're sick of cheering for a loser for 6 eps and its great to finally see Densha with some determination. The scenes with Densha abandoning his otakuness was hard to watch. No woman is worth throwing all your figures, DVDs and manga away. Just ask Nicholas Cage who sold his comics collection after getting hitched with Lisa Marie Presley.

Well, with Densha having some balls one would presume his relationship with Hermes would be smooth sailing right?

2. The best thing about this ep is establishing Toyohara Kosuke as Densha's rival. He sees Saori as a sister but his 'evil' side sees her as Hermes which makes for some very funny seens. It'll be fun to watch him trying to sabotage Densha while deciding between his conflicting conscience. I love the light hearted nature of his antogonist and the jokes the writers manage to get. Plus the fact that he's on the board Densha posts in so he has insider knowledge thereby making Densha the underdog.

Shiraishi Miho is definite better suited to play nicer characters and it was nice to see her helping Densha this ep. She's probably trying to avoid being stereotyped but no one plays the nice girl better than her. (Check her out as the weathergirl in Beauty or Beast)

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jdorama review: Haruka 17 eps 2-4

I'd have to say ep 2 is the most eye candy filled jdorama ep I've ever seen, yes even more than Stand Up! Haruka joins an audition to choose the main actress for a movie so we get lots of hot chicks, swimsuits and catfights. :) I think its better to let the pics do the talking.

What's Haruka doing holding a half naked girl's bra? Why is the chick in the back smiling? I'm sure my fellow sukebes can imagine quite a few scenarios.

Another pic of Hirayama Aya that I could not resist taking a snapshot of. God, she is so fucking hot. I should revise my top 10 gf list.....

I was a bit let down with the lack of fan service in eps 3 and 4. The series is getting a stronger shoujou tone which I don't really enjoy. Still, its not as bad as Ace wo Narae. Furuta Shinta does a great job as Haruka's boss. The funniest bits in the series are the /japanese korean dorama spoofs with horrible acting and dubbing. It looks like ep 6 will spoof waterboys. I'm hoping they'll spoof some classic jdoramas.

More Hirayama Aya. Yes I know there are a other girls in this series but the pale in camparison to Aya-chan. And her crooked teeth make her smile more kawaii. To check out the other chicks in the series go to:

How I wish I were the dog. :)

Who's that grabbing Haruka's breasts and doesn't she look like Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume? Why is Haruka grimacing in pain? Where can I sign up to join these two ladies in fondling? What's going to happen after this? Watch ep 4 to find out. :)

On a sad note, the ratings of Haruka 17 have been going down and ep 4 was at 7.1%. I hope too this does not affect the chances of Hirayama Aya being the lead actress in more doramas. She has shown that she can act and should not be relegated to stereotypical supporting roles.

Props to junkboy77 and massaru for uploading for the series.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jdorama review: Densha Otoko Ep 6

If you have not seen Densha Otoko, stop reading and get it with softsofts/hardsubbed from d-addicts now or check out for the basic storyline.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The beautiful Itoh Misaki. IMO, they need to show more of her best asset (her legs). She's usually suited for playing supporting characters but here she works very well as Hermes because Hermes is more of a symbol than a character. Hermes represents the sophisticated woman who Otakus don't even dare to dream about. Hermes is the untouchable goddess that no Otaku is worthy of.

By ep 6, Densha's lack of balls is no longer funny. Its getting boring watching his indecisiveness, stuttering and heavy relience on the forums. They need to make him a more serious character and get other ppl to supply the humour.

Shiraishi Miho as the woman who sleeps around and bullies Densha. So far she's done an ok job playing against her usual roles. I'm hoping she comes around and realises that she's expressing her feelings for Densha through her bullying but it doesn't seem it will happen with her now dating/sleeping with Herme's brother.

Too bad Sudo Risa has such a limited role. The more hot chicks the better, I'd say.

Best scene in ep 6 is when the everyone from the forum actually gather together in Benoist's. The best pay off in the drama would be to see the various forum members aid Densha in real life, not just in the forums.

The most exciting event of ep 6: The revelation that the anime seiyuu (played by the super kawaii Koide Soari) is a reader of the Densha forums! If I were the writer I would make Densha end up with her in the end. What better ending for an Otoku than to end up with a kawaii anime seiyuu? Look at the cute pink dress she's wearing. Imagine the cos/roleplaying one could do...........

I just hope that at least her role in the drama won't be minor. We need to see more of Koide Saori!!!!!!!! Itoh Misaki is too tall for Densha anyway. Someone force Fuji TV to put on more Koide Soari!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fellowship of 419 ep 7: Tragedy Strikes Twice

While the members of 419 often met up at 419 itself or cybercafes, it was different during the seasonal occurance of 'Uni holidays'. During such periods, fellow members would converge at Druggy's place, also known as 410 to go on PS2 adventures. We would take turns taking on games such as FFX and MGS2.

During one Uni Holiday season, Avatar had borrowed about 10 original games from a friend of his and the fellowship of 419 rejoiced. We would camp out at Druggy's place day and night, only returning home to shower before resuming our adventures.

One fateful day, Druggy, NiGHTs and I went out to KFC for lunch. On our return to 410, we noticed something was not right. The floor, which had been littered with PS2 games, was clean! Not to mention the PS2 was missing. We called the cops and they showed us how easy it was to open a locked door. :(

The worst thing was the games were all original so we had to pay back a lot of $$$$ and games. Druggy took it upon himself to bear half the burden while Avatar and I split up the other half.

However, our story does not end here. A few weeks later, Druggy had gotten himself another PS2 and Avatar and I were playing at 410. I think Druggy left early because he had some errands to do and we were suppose to meet up with fellow 419ers for SC. Avatar and I decided to take some precautions and put the PS2 under Druggy's bed before heading off.

The only problem was that after SC, we forgot to tell Druggy his PS2 was under his bed. When Druggy went home, he nearly had a heart attack thinking that his PS2 had been stolen a second time. I'm sure he must have been calling God all kinds of names.

At the same night, there was another break-in at the apartment building Druggy was staying and the police were knocking on doors. Druggy told the police that his PS2 was stolen again then did a police report.

Later that night, Druggy gave me a call to report his second break in and I told him his PS2 was under his bed. I do not remember whether he was relieved or pissed off. I'm sure he was calling me a bunch of names and the poor fella had to go to the police station the next day to file that the report was false.

To this day, Druggy has been accussing Avatar and I of intentionally 'hiding' his PS2 and not telling him about it. Avatar and I still maintain our innocence because we had merely forgotten to tell him about it. We are honest and honourable men who would never result to childish pranks. 'cough' 'cough' It was only bad luck that the police knocked on his door and he made the report. If not, he would have called us and found out where his PS2 was.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jdorama review: Haruka 17 ep 1

Haruka 17 is based on a manga and tells the story of a 22 year old nerd-like girl who can't get a job and becomes an idol talent pretending to be 17 years old. Usually the nerd type rolls in doramas are played by Suzuki Anne but I doubt she could have played the idol parts as well. Of course, the main attraction for watching this series is Hirayama Aya. As a former gravure idol, she has had small parts or parts that required her just to be hot so this is her first role that will challenge her acting.

And I'm happy to say that her acting is pretty goood. Granted bad actresses like Fujiwara Norika do ok in comedies but Aya-chan does well in the dramatic parts of ep 1 as well.

Before and after shots of Haruka's boobs which her stylist improves by using tape. (dun ask me how) I was rofl during the scene of the camera crew hearing shouts of yamete and ittai from her change room as the tape is applied. :)

Haruka getting sprayed by water to uh, improve the shot quality.

Didn't enjoy this scene of Haruka being held kicking and screaming as the cameramen take photos of her. Feels too much like a rape scene with her being symbolically raped by the camera. Uugh.

Preview of next episode where she enters a talent contest. Hhmm, this is like a Sabra gravure video with a story. :)

The jokes are really funny (I enjoyed the Winter Sonata spoof) and a show about the idol industry is a refreshing change from your typical boy meets girl dorama. For fellow sukebes, there are plenty of reasons to watch this show. Though it isn't subbed, most of the jokes are pretty easy to get. Currently still stuck getting ep 2. Hope a seeder jumps in soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Top 10 Japanese girlfriends pt 2

Now we present top 10 which Japanese celebrity do you want as your GF as voted by Akiramike! Voting was done based on the following requirements:
1. Kawaiiness
2. Kawaiiness
3. Kawaiiness

Without further ado, we present Akiramike's top 10:

1. Natsumi Abe

The only all-round idol to come out of Morning Musume. Has a great on stage presence with the kawaii girl-next-door factor. Plus the fact that she has a kawaii sister as well. :) Akiramike has been obsessed with her since 2001. Too bad her solo songs suck.

2. Ogura Yuko

She can't sing nor dance but she is the most kawaii creature on God's green earth. Plus she's 22 while she looks 18. With such a young gf you'll be the envy of your friends! Watch any of her gravure vids and tell me she doesn't make you fell all warm and fuzzy.

3. Hirosue Ryoko

If not of the fact she's lost some weight and she has a kid, she would be no.1. Yeah, she has a 'bad' reputation but the disparity between her on screen characters and her real life reputation makes her more appealing.

4. Takeuchi Yuko

see pt 1.

5. Ishihara Satomi

Super innocent and kawaii in H2. She's the most adorable creature in Jdorama-land right now.

6. Matsuura Aya

Used to be most kawaii girl in my book (tied with Kago Ai) until Ogura Yuko came along but IMO is probably the most genki girl ever. Her biggest selling point is that she always seems 'in character' all the time. Took screencaps from Watarasebashi but can't find any that does her justice.

7. Tanaka Rena

Photo taken from the press conference of the Odoru Daisasousen spin-off movie 'The Suspect: Muroi Shinji'. (can't wait to watch it) Tanaka Rena is just too hot and was the only good thing in overrated dorama Overtime.

8. Kanno Miho

Check my previous post at

9. Ichikawa Yui

Another gravure idol turned jpop singer and actress as well as Ishihara Satomi's 'rival' in H2. How can anyone choose between these 2?

10. Hirayama Aya

Image hosted by
Gravure idol turned actress. Now starring in Haruka 17.