Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jdorama review: Densha Otoko ep 7

Finally started work on Tues last week though its temp work. So, no idea how long it'll last. Fingers crossed and hopes for the best. Won't be changing 'ramblings of a jobless bum' since its still a temp job. Besides, it sounds better than 'ramblings of a temp paralegal'.

I was going to write about H2 but couldn't resist watching Densha Otoko first and here I am writing about it. H2 is a hard dorama for me to rate and maybe I'll have to rewatch it in one shot.

Just couldn't resist taking screencaps of Koide Saori. As long as they keep showing her in cosplay outfits, I'm a happy sukebe. :) Maybe someone should do a cosplay dorama!

The good news is Koide Saori may have an ongoing side story so I'm hoping to see more of her in the final eps. The writers should forget telling stories about the other ppl on the forum and concentrate on her to satisfy the otokus and sukebes.

IMO, this is the best episode of Densha so far and sets the tone for the 2nd half of the series. I'm impressed that the writers have done 2 important things to make this series interesting.

1. Densha finally grows some balls. We're sick of cheering for a loser for 6 eps and its great to finally see Densha with some determination. The scenes with Densha abandoning his otakuness was hard to watch. No woman is worth throwing all your figures, DVDs and manga away. Just ask Nicholas Cage who sold his comics collection after getting hitched with Lisa Marie Presley.

Well, with Densha having some balls one would presume his relationship with Hermes would be smooth sailing right?

2. The best thing about this ep is establishing Toyohara Kosuke as Densha's rival. He sees Saori as a sister but his 'evil' side sees her as Hermes which makes for some very funny seens. It'll be fun to watch him trying to sabotage Densha while deciding between his conflicting conscience. I love the light hearted nature of his antogonist and the jokes the writers manage to get. Plus the fact that he's on the board Densha posts in so he has insider knowledge thereby making Densha the underdog.

Shiraishi Miho is definite better suited to play nicer characters and it was nice to see her helping Densha this ep. She's probably trying to avoid being stereotyped but no one plays the nice girl better than her. (Check her out as the weathergirl in Beauty or Beast)

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Anonymous said...

Shiraishi Miho is suited to play the bad girl. Please, the annoyed-look has got "slap me" all over it :)

Akiramike said...

As a bad girl she's not irritating, which is a good thing in my view so I don't feel compelled to slap her. lol

Go said...

hi :)
who's "Densha"?!?

Anonymous said...

Densha is the main character, Yamada. Have you been watching the series?

kenneth said...

hey mike,

i will be coming to melb next week. wanna hang out? how to contact u? who else is left in melb? got friendster?

Akiramike said...

Yo Kenneth! I've icqed my phone no to you on icq. What day are you arriving?

Akiramike said...

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kenneth said...

aiya... wish i could help u out there, but i am in sydney at the moment... flying over there on the 30th on virginblue

Akiramike said...

Aiyo, should have told me earlier. Oh well, did you get my phone no on icq?