Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fellowship of 419 ep 7: Tragedy Strikes Twice

While the members of 419 often met up at 419 itself or cybercafes, it was different during the seasonal occurance of 'Uni holidays'. During such periods, fellow members would converge at Druggy's place, also known as 410 to go on PS2 adventures. We would take turns taking on games such as FFX and MGS2.

During one Uni Holiday season, Avatar had borrowed about 10 original games from a friend of his and the fellowship of 419 rejoiced. We would camp out at Druggy's place day and night, only returning home to shower before resuming our adventures.

One fateful day, Druggy, NiGHTs and I went out to KFC for lunch. On our return to 410, we noticed something was not right. The floor, which had been littered with PS2 games, was clean! Not to mention the PS2 was missing. We called the cops and they showed us how easy it was to open a locked door. :(

The worst thing was the games were all original so we had to pay back a lot of $$$$ and games. Druggy took it upon himself to bear half the burden while Avatar and I split up the other half.

However, our story does not end here. A few weeks later, Druggy had gotten himself another PS2 and Avatar and I were playing at 410. I think Druggy left early because he had some errands to do and we were suppose to meet up with fellow 419ers for SC. Avatar and I decided to take some precautions and put the PS2 under Druggy's bed before heading off.

The only problem was that after SC, we forgot to tell Druggy his PS2 was under his bed. When Druggy went home, he nearly had a heart attack thinking that his PS2 had been stolen a second time. I'm sure he must have been calling God all kinds of names.

At the same night, there was another break-in at the apartment building Druggy was staying and the police were knocking on doors. Druggy told the police that his PS2 was stolen again then did a police report.

Later that night, Druggy gave me a call to report his second break in and I told him his PS2 was under his bed. I do not remember whether he was relieved or pissed off. I'm sure he was calling me a bunch of names and the poor fella had to go to the police station the next day to file that the report was false.

To this day, Druggy has been accussing Avatar and I of intentionally 'hiding' his PS2 and not telling him about it. Avatar and I still maintain our innocence because we had merely forgotten to tell him about it. We are honest and honourable men who would never result to childish pranks. 'cough' 'cough' It was only bad luck that the police knocked on his door and he made the report. If not, he would have called us and found out where his PS2 was.


YC said...

Hum... if only the poor fella has had insurance on the PS2 the second time.. hehehe... it would have been a celebration ~~

Akiramike said...

Lol, u damn evil man. You think Druggy so dishonourable to cheat insurance company ar? lol.

Druggy said...

Oh man, you told the story half way through. Arent you forgetting the part where I had to see the police detectives the following day?????

Another thing "You jump I Jump" has a bit of flaws in it. Recall the part where you said" both players had no bullets left (even their secondary weapons). Note the last part when YC was jumping down. The sounds of bullets being fired can still be heard. Therefore it can be inferred that you jump and I jump is a bit flawed. I merely won by sheer luck as my opponent had "no" more bullets.

As for insurance on the PS2, YC, you damn dishonorable man. Its worse than what mike and Jason did.

Akiramike said...

Stop trying to rewrite history Druggy.

Yes I mentioned u had to go to police station the next day.

My mistake with 'you jump, I jump'.Both of you had bullets in your 2ndary guns. The plan was for both of you to jump down while shooting to each other.

This doesn't change the fact that you didn't jump.

And Jason and I did not have any malicious intentions. It was an honest mistake. Our intentions were to protect your PS2 and we forgot to make filenote to remind you.

It was not reasonably forseeable that the police would show up at your door that night.

Druggy said...

Rewrite history??? I had NO freaking bullets in either secondary weapon or main weapon. The only weapon that I had was a flimsy kitchen knife!!!!

As for the reasonable forseeable test, your logic is again flawed. For every act of negligence, there must be a causation first. 'But-For' you and Jason informing me of the act of hiding the Ps2, there wouldn't have been any police report being made. Refer to Chapel v Hart for examples of the but for test.

PS: Got lots of DVDs and VCDs here man.

Akiramike said...

How come after so many years you finally say you don't have bullets? Its like telling the court you had an alibi after being found guilty for 3 years.

Yar but it the chances of the police showing up at your door is so 'far-fetched and fanciful' that the average person could not have forseen it.

Ccb as if telling me will do me any good. They got sell Sabra vids in M'sia?

Druggy said...

You haven't heard of the egg-shell skull rule ah? Take your victim as you find em. If your victim just got robbed and then you go play a prank at him and it so happens there was a policeman nearby what do you think will he do? Will he:-

a. Tell the policeman about the robbery and assist in anyway he can

b. Leave things as it is and buy a new PS2;

c. Accuse YC of insurance fraud;

The likely hood answers as voted by the readers seems to be (a). Though 25% of the readers seem to think that (c) will be highly likely also.

As for the bullets, I thought of ppl seeing me that way seems more fun rather than telling em no bullets.

No Sabra Vids in KL only udang.
Tried to tell you also that I went for WCG 2005 at MidValley!!!!!!! Got a lot of cosplay and models there!

YC said...

You know there is no bullets in all your weapons, yet you still accept the "You jump I jump" challenge and have people believe you are going for an Honorable Final Showdown ... and what, you "merely won by sheer luck"? Oh how honorable and honest a lawyer you are!! And claiming issurance for the PS2 - oh my honorable and shrewd lawyer friend, your reputation is far too distinctive for people to believe you will actually be "foolish" enough to honour the issurance policy - well, I suppose that should earn you a number of "Smart" customers ...

Akiramike said...

You know what, you two need to settle your differences in a game of Starcraft! Round 1, Fight!

Druggy said...

Save your breath lar both of you. We all KNOW who suggested the insurance policy bit on the first place.

As for the differences, I've already defeated YC THREE (3) TIMES in a row the last time we played. (I.e. I did not "Jason" nor "hack" nor won by disconnecting my modem.)It shows that I play my games honorably.

PS: Replays available upon request.

Akiramike said...

Wah, brave words now that you are back in M'sia. Beware the wrath of Yc.

Avatar said...

druggy, I did not mention to you that I'm gung-ho about starcraft. Stop feeding Akiramike lies.

Druggy said...


Jason wat you talking?

Wat lies you talking about?

Its between Akira, YC and me only...why are you coming into the equation?