Monday, August 29, 2005

Top 10 Japanese celebrities I would like to have carnal knowledge with pt 2

Actually my top 10 GF list is the 10 ten Japanese idols I would like to get into the sack with. (except now Hirayama Aya would be much higher on the list) I mean, what are girlfriends for, besides watching Jdoramas together?

So instead of just repeating the gf list, this list is for celebrities I just wanna root once, or maybe twice..... Girls in my top 10 GF list are ineligible but they'll be first in line in my dreams or if God makes me god for a day. Due to the fact that there are some AV stars on the list, its hard to find non-nude pics so please excuse the quality of some of the pics.

10)Aika Miru
One of the most famous AV stars ever. I remember getting on the internet way back in 94 and discovering something called JAV. Of course back in those days, it was mainly pics and small videos.

9)Akira Fubuki

FYI, I chose the nick Akiramike ages ago when I was young because of Akira Fubuki and Akira Yuki, the character from Virtua Fighter who is my avatar.

8)Uchiyama Rina

The sight of Uchiyama Rina in her elevator girl/Stewardess/Schoolgirl outfit in Moto Kare/Good Luck/SOS is enough to drive men wild. Maybe she's been trying to hook the cosplay crowd?

7) Umemiya Masako

First laid eyes on her wearing a white swisuit in Golden Bowl. There's something about her that just oozes sexual appeal.

6) Itoh Misaki (see previous entries for pics)

Though I don't find her that hot, she has become Hermes in my mind and the object of all Otakus' obsession. Did I mention her nice legs?

5) Miyuki Hourai

Although not really famous in the AV world as the others on my list, she's really kawaii and really turns me on. Not much to say except I recommend her AVs.

4) Koide Saori

Maybe its the combination of kawaii and her cosplaying character in Densha Otoko but I'm starting to get seriously obsessed with her character, which goes to show how mentally sound I am. What otaku wouldn't want to get laid with a girl in cosplay?

3) Kuroki Hitomi

Though she's turning 45 on the 5th of Oct she's forever beautiful. Any 40 year old would be happy to have a wife like her. Since I'm nowhere near 40, I'd be happy to settle for a roll in the sack.

Sorry for the crappy pic, just too lazy to dig out her shows to take caps. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

2) Sora Aoi
Look at how innocent she looks! Currently my fav JAV star. Just watch any of her AVs and see how kawaii she is. Though she's a bit plump but she pulls the best 'please be gentle' face that I've ever seen. Plus having nice jugs helps. :)

1)Bunko Kanazawa
My all time favourite JAV actress ever. She's like a cross between Matsushima Nanako and Kyoko Fukada. How I wish I could see her in some jdorama. Plus, with her years of experience, I'm sure I'll have a good time.

On a related note, thanks to those who gave info on the part 1 list. I seriously need to improve my knowledge on Japanese gravures.

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