Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fellowship of 419 ep 6: SC Profiles

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Today I will attempt to write briefly about the various members that made of the Fellowship of 419. Unfortunately, my memory is really bad so there could be mistakes here and there. I apologise for lack of explanations for non 419 members and non-Sc players. There are just too much stuff too write about.

KV aka Godfather of SC
Race: Toss/Terran

The man who took taught us Sc. Kv's Sc wasn't fancy but it was damn solid. His main advantage was his experience. As Sc has so many variables, Kv's experience allows him to know what to build and when and how to attack.

Famous for:

- his LT mass cannon expand technique against Yc
- mass terran machine drops against toss
- Bcs
- dt+corsair against zerg

Race: Zerg

NiGHTs was the only one of us who could beat Kv once in while. NiGHTs' strategy was to defeat his opponent in one sweep.

Most famous for:

- fast expanding then teching hard
- fast super lings/fast guardians
- using dark swarm

Yc aka DTYc (Dirty Tactics Yc) aka Queen-zhai
Race: Zerg

Yc is probably the most evil and bloodthirsty Sc player in the world. Always on the way to cybercafes, he would keep silent to accumulate all his bloodlust.

Most famous game: Beating Kv's Zerg using Terran on a map with damn lot of hills.

Most famous for:

- His evil laughter everytime he wins.
- Using evil tactics like nuking/sieging from unreachable places
- Being obsessed with infesting command centres
- Being the only Sc player in the world besides Boxer who can play to his maximum ability
- Going fast super ling drop with mass spores
- Turning up the volume everytime he goes in for the kill
- sending 8 queens to teamate's base when he was getting gang banged
- making queens into a fearsome unit
- playing at least 2/3 game daily against Kv
- splitting up 3 dropships when getting chased by scourge
- super fast mass mutas tactic against Terran

Famous quote: I played to the best of my ability (after losing a two on two game thereby blaming the loss on poor Druggy)

Druggy aka Wu Kui Wang (turtle king)
Race: random

Druggy started out exclusively as a micro player. He was hardly a masser. To his credit, he stuck to microing and improving his macro to the point that he was responsible for using a lot of new and effective tactics that struck fear into the hearts of fellow 419ers. Although famous for his turtle tactics, Druggy is also very adept at harassing and being offensive.

Famous games:

- Defending against Akiramike's attacks for an hour and then nuking the poor bastard.
- Successfully defending against Yc and Roc in a 2 on 1 situation
- Smart storming (mass psionic storm) against Yc and Pipboy
- Mind controlling half of Pipboy's carriers

Famous for:

- His supreme turtle tactics/slow push tactics and his 1 hours plus games
- Smart-storming
- Being the only member of 419 being able to win using psionic storms + archons
- Mind controlling dropships/carriers
- Running his lings around enemy troops and assasinating workers
- Obsession with blinding opponent's units
- Obsession with pandas
- Being the batu api ie inciting hatred and spitefulness among fellow members
- forever bickering with Avatar

Pipboy aka CKPip (Carrier King)
Race: Toss

Pipboy is Mr. Reliable. When you type 'help' you know that he's going to be running to your base with a huge army of lots and goons or carriers.

Famous for:

- Somehow always surviving after getting gang-banged and building back to help win
- Somehow managing to get lots of carriers

Famous games: Any game that ends with lots of carriers

Famous quotes:
- Don't be so spiteful
- How now brown cow?

AvatarStormbringer aka Cannon King aka Nuke King aka Hydra King
Race: Random

Famous for:

- cannon rush tactics ie, building cannons in his opponents base while rushing.
- winning a 2 on 2 game with just nukes.
- forever bickering with Druggy
- trashing Akiramike 3 games in a row in hunters TvZ

Race: Toss
John, one of the founding members left halfway through the journey but occasionally returned

Famous for:

- Attacking his own teammates, hence the term to john also means to backstab
- Ignoring/never noticing messages for help

Famous quote: Huh? How come you're dead one? How come you didn't ask for help?

Race: Terran

Fish loved building bunkers and was not a masser. Later, Kv started teaching him the Terran machine push. Came down to Melb last year and somehow was vastly improved.

Famous game:

- using hallucinated carriers to defeat Akiramike.
- nuking a bunch of carriers just in time after they had gotten frozen by an arbiter

Famous quotes:
- Whoever those carriers belong to, RUN! (as two groups of carriers try to avoid the impending nuke)
- I am the stud of the firm

Race: Zerg/Toss

Psibeing joined us in the middle of our journey and his allegience was torn between Sc and WcIII.

Famous game: Beating Akiramike with super lings on his last game.

Race: Zerg/Toss

Roc plays Sc with a different philosophy. He uses 'surgical strikes' to attack. His objective is to harass and wear down his opponent with minimum troops and maximum micro efficiency.

Roc's rivalry with Yc over who has the best Zerg has never been resolved.

Famous for:

- Inventing the philosophy for solid and sexy for 2 on 2 games. Roc's theory is that one must mass (solid) and macro and the other must tech and micro (sexy)
- snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in a two on one situation against Druggy and Yc after Akiramike quit the game.

Race: Random

- jack of all trades but master of none
- can't micro even if his life depended on it
- cannot win any game that goes over 1/2 an hour
- would rather lose because his attack failed than his enemy's attack suceeding
- crap at changing strategies mid game, especally when 1st strat fails

I know I left out a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff I remember are recent so fellow 419 members pls contact me if you have anything to add or just post in the comments section.


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