Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Top 10 Japanese girlfriends pt 1

Apparently there was a survery done that asks Japanese dudes:

1) Who do you want as your girlfriend.
2) Who do you want to have sex with.

Apparently Japanese guys don't have sex with their gfs. Perhaps the questions should be rephrased as:

1) Who do you not mind working your ass off for and then losing half your assets when you divorce.
2) Who is worth the risk a divorce and thereby half your assets by having an affair with her?

For the benefit of my fellow sukebes, I will now go through the results for question 1:

Top 10 GF candidates as voted by Japanese:

1.矢田亜希子 - Yada Akiko

She may deserve to be in the top 10, but no.1? Yada Akiko relies heavily on make-up so the sight of her non made-up face in the morning may not be so good. No one beats Ayu in the excessive make-up department though, lol. Still her character in Yamato Nadeshiko would make a damn fine gf.

2.竹内結子 - Takeuchi Yuuko

Definitely deserves in be in the top 5. Super sweet and kawaii. Her character of Aki in Pride is every man's dream. As Haru said she is the 'furuki yori jidai no onna' or woman from last century ie not a woman who has been corrupted by too much feminist ideas. Too bad she's pregnant and married. Lucky bastard.

3.伊東美咲 - Itou Misaki

I think all the guys who voted must be influenced by Densha Otaku. Best legs in Jdorama and she has the elegence. I would think her height would put off Japanese guys. She's 171cm. That's taller than most Japanese men. She's too classy for your average guy and belongs more in the top 10 sex category.

4.山田優 - Yamada Yu

Zzzzz..... WTF? She was in Orange Days and Shiawase no Shippo? I don't even bloody remember her in the bloody shows. Too busy drooling at Shiraishi Miho and Euno Juri in Orange Days. The Japanese must know something about her I don't.

5.眞鍋かをり - Manabe Kawori

The pregnant teacher from Waterboys movie. Don't remember her from Koukou Kyoushi 2003 and Antique. WTF is she here and not Aya Euto? Is there no justice in this world? At least she's pretty cute. hhhmm. Definite GF material. Akiramike goes dig up Koukou Kyoushi 2003.

6.長谷川京子 - Hasegawa Kyoko

Yar, she's nice but have any of these guys surveyed seen how horrible she looks in Dragon Zakura? (check my Dragon Zakura review) Maybe they all have the image of her as a dental nurse from Itsumo Futari De burned into their minds.

7.安めぐみ - Yasu Megumi

Gravure idol I never heard of so no comment. Here's a nice pic of her. Hhmmm....

8.仲間由紀恵 - Nakama Yukie

WTF? Yeah she's hot but she has a crappy smile. She's so freaking boring in Tokyo Wankei. In what freaking way is she GF material besides the fact that she's hot. Hot chicks are a dime a dozen in Japan. Not even going to bother with pic.

9.安部なつみ - Abe Natsumi

Definitely deserves to be in the top 3. She is so GF material and has the girl next door attitude. Even looks kawaii when she gets angry. I guess her ranking was affected by the plagiarism scandal.

10.安田美沙子 - Yasuda Misako

Another gravure idol I never heard of. Can't be bothered to research.

This list sucks. But then, I don't live in Japan and most of exposure is through jdorama and jpop. I would think the list would have more girl-next-door type idols. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was doing my own top 10 list when I started having problems uploading pics to blogger. Anways, I think I'll save my list for next time or else this will end up being a super long post.

Props to the ppl at the Momusu section of for the names in romanji and stuff. Pictures were stolen from, and Akiramike's HD.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to more sc actions... where is the continued part of the story???

Akiramike said...

Doing SC profiles tonight. You'd rather read about SC than look at beautiful women ar? lol.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Hasegawa Kyoko #1 !!!!! Ichiban~~