Monday, July 31, 2006

Iryu ~Team Medical Dragon~

Just about to go to sleep when went to check out the subtitle forum and guess wut, the last ep of Iryu was out! One hour later, here I am writing about it. I just hope I can wake up in time for work tomorrow. Iryu is basically the story of the formation of Team Medical Dragon, a specialised group of doctors brought together for a specific reason. They're like the A-Team/Avengers/JLA of doctors. And you can guess who the people on this team are going to be but the fun is getting together.

Super cheesy group shot of the gang......

To be fair, the last medical series I followed was ER when the Top Gun guy was still there so I haven't watched any medical shows in ages. You know how every other medical show after ER seemed so crap because the emergencies just didn't seem as dangerous/complicated? This show is basically the Dragonball Z of surgery shows. Procedures and medical ailments that can only be found in manga and korean dramas.

I am iceman! We are icemen! We are champion! We gonna win! Team scor... oops, wrong dorama...........

The logic defying stuff in this show IMO is necessary cause its bloody hard to get excited by your typical bypass operation. The show kinda reminds me of Dr Blackjack except it more of a group story. You could say its sorta like the origin story of a super team.

Another phrase to describe Iryu would be as 'Pride' of medical doramas. Fuck, this show is all about cool. Some of the shots are cheesy but most of the time, it just so smooth. Probably the best thing about Iryu is the music. Seriously, it has the best music since H2. And music plays an even more important role in this show cause all you have to get excited over are explanations of wut's happening by observers and the fucking great music.

Tiger, tiger, jiteru..... complete 180 from his Tiger n Dragon character..

In terms of acting, Sakaguchi Kenji did an ok job as the main character. H's got the looks and acting chops but he lacks the aura of Kimutaku. Unfornately, the actresses in this show aren't that hot, even the nurses. But then the objective of this show is not to titillate.

The best characters in this show are the anesthesic, Arase and the head of ER, Kitou sensei played by Natsuki Mari (the old teacher in Nobuta) But seriously, can't complain about the characters and story... except the fate of the bad guy. A hero is only as good as the villian and the villian turned into a wuss. But understandably, since this is a medical dorama, we can't have the hero and villian fight using scalpels and scissors in the operating room.......hhmmm...

They've got to put her in more doramas. She's good at playing those characters who know a lot more than they're letting on and whose allegiance is unknown......

A big domo arigatou to madchuckles & gf and Indokid for subbing this show. While this show is not without its flaws, IMO it still must watch dorama. Try the first 2 eps, I guarantee you'll be hooked!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

Now I know why I love this show. Its to working, single guys like me like wut Densha Otoko is to otakus. The more I watch this show, the more I sympathise with Shinsuke. Of course it takes more than a good concept to make a good dorama. This isn't a big budget show wih big names and lots of sets but goddamit I had a good time watching ep 3. Pacing was smooth. Lots of funny jokes and you can see the build up while the characters debate the merits of single vs married life.

No man in his right mind will not at least think of jumping her.........

Of course, not every single dude ownes a spacious condo and has Kuninaka Ryoko for a neighbour. Speaking of Kuninaka Ryoko, she is just too hot. Maybe I should just get Churasan in chinese subs. Tried looking for her mp3s last week but no luck. If there's one complaint, its the girl playing her colleague at work. Goddamn she is ugly. Not in the fat busu way but in the something is wrong with her face way.

This past few weeks have been great in terms of jdorama stuff. So much to watch, so little time to blog about it. I big shoutout to those who uploaded and subbed this show.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 1+2

Ah, what a great week of jdorama. So much to talk about and so little time. In this dorama, Abe Hiroshi plays a sorta anti-social 40 year old bachelor. Like always his acting is superb and his potrayal of the cranky and stubborn Shinsuke is a joy to watch. And I can really understand his desire for meat, being a carnivor myself. Watching him eat all that steak ad yakinuku was almost too much to bear.

The Aoi Tori MILF. 9 years on, still a MILF. Ep 7 of Aoi Tori is one of the most shocking/exciting eps ever........

Natsukawa Yui, who fans will remember as the mother from Aoi Tori plays Shinsuke's doctor. Speaking of doctors, the ending of episode 1 is one of the funniest and scariest scenes ever. It is something no one should ever go through.


But the beacon of shining light for me in this show is Kuninaka Ryoko who apparently was in the Densha movie. Anyway she is so fucking kawaii!!!!!!!!! OMFG, why didn't I download Brother Beat? And pictures dun do her justice. Seriously, OMFG Euto Aya is nothing compared to her.

Shinsuke look like he's going to do something bad. hehe

Aaaaaaargggggh, I wanna get ep 3 but gotta finish getting Gal Circle first. And yes, there are no subs yet though someone has done the timing. Quite a lot of the dialogue is hard to get, especially the stuff about architecture and medical terms. But there are a lot of funny scenes and I could follow the story with my crappy Japanese.

Every man dreams of a neighbour like this but sadly they only appear in doramas.

Storyline wise, this show cannot fail. Except for the ending. If they give me an inconclusive ending, someone is going die......

Hhhmm, I love women who love mangas. Its funny that the doctor is reading Dr. Blackjack. I wonder wut shoujo manga Ryoko is reading?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gal Circle ep 1

I have no idea how I managed to miss this show when it came out but I'm damn glad I've started watching it. The concept of the show is pure comedy gold: A Japanese cowboy who has been living with a Japanese (American) Indian in Arizona comes to Shibuya, Tokyo to look for a girl. Along the way the runs into a group of girls who dance para para.

Shinosuke on his way to round up...... a silver toad?............

I've never been a fan of Naohita Fujiki's acting but goddamn he completely nails the potrayal of the cowboy, Shinosuke. From his frequent uses of 'what?' and 'shit!' to his child like questioning of why ppl behave the way they do. And he pulls it off with a serious face, which IMO is essential to the 'credibility' and humour in the character. Its also what makes him interesting. That this Japanese cowboy who seems so strange is perhaps the least strange/weird person on the show.

And Furuta Arata as Geronimo, a Native American who speaks Japanese and and Shinosuke's good friend. His line about Indians and lies and the conversation about death just crack me up. I can't fucking wait to see him turn up in Shibuya.

Marippe laying the smackdown.......

For Momusu fans, Yaguchi Mari's in this show and she looks young enough to blend in with the other girls. The hottest chick on the show is Toda Erika and she plays a character which is completely different from the one she did in Nobuta. To be honest, all those Shibuya girls scare me. I believe the term for them is Yankee. Too much makeup, dress up with too much accessories.

Cowboy vs Shibuya Para Para girl, Round 1, Fight!

Pretty solid first episode, not as funny as I had hoped but the writing was good. My download for ep 2 can't go fast enough.........

Her acting here is nowhere as kawaii as in Nobuta but she's clearly having more fun with this character.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Primadam 4-11

When Manda's husband went over to the dark side, I knew this show was going downhill. In the end, instead of being the housewife version of Shall We Dansu, its more like Swing Girls, but not as fun. By ep 5 the character journey for Kuroki Hitomi's character had ended. There are no more obstacles for her to go through.

The the 2nd half of the show was more about Nakamori Akina's character. I just find her to be the weakest part of the show. Her face is fake and more so her acting. I know that one should not complain about 'fake' when talking about J-entertainment but she just gets on my nerves.

Kinda enjoyed the documentary type footage of their training. Watching the 2nd half, its more like the whole reason for the show was just for Kuroki Hitomi to show how grace her 46 year old body can be. And the final performance? ZZzzzzzzzzz...... Only made me want to watch the Swing Girls concert.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Primadam eps 1-3

Probably my favourite show from last season. (Haven't watched Iryuu yet) Primadam is a show about a housewife who takes up ballet. Its a cliche show but one that is done very well. Its like the housewife equivalanet of shall we dansu. Of course the main reason to watch it is the ageless Kuroki Hitomi. I will generally watch any of her doramas. I will watch her drinking coffee and talking for hours. (as long as there's English subtitles)

IMO, the X-factor of the show is Furuta Arata as Kuroki Hitomi's husband. Fans might remember him as the sleazy manager in Haruka 17. His portrayal of the stubborn husband is damn funny. Somehow they have this chemistry and I can't just help laughing when they try to communicate with each other.

Lol, love his evil stare of doom. How can something so menacing be so funny?

So far, the pacing of the first 3 episodes have been fucking good, almost too fast even. Lots of stuff happened in the 1st 2 eps to set up the story and supporting characters. Then ep 3 starts to look at each of the supporting cast, which I think is damn good way to do your side stories and pad the pacing. (No surprise that the writer did Yamato Nadeshiko and Anego, two dorama shows with excellent supporting cast and subplots)

Will their chemistry be better than Tamura Masakazu-Kuroki Hitomi pairing? the next 8 eps will tell...

Aviness has done the subs for eps 1 and 2. Sadly he hasn't been to d-addicts in a month so hopefully he can continue the series. Its definitely watchable without subs. Its a straightforward and predictable story and the funny bits are pretty self explanatory. Its just a damn fucking shame that the show didn't get good ratings and not many watch it just cause it doesn't have any bishounen on it. For those sukebes, if you're not into MILFs then there's Kaho, who played the Kanda's sis in Joou no Kyoushitsu.

Every dorama needs a good supporting cast. They should hire more milfs, not that I'm a milf-hunter or anything.......

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saishu Heiki Kanojo

Otherwise known as She, the Ultimate weapon or Saikano. The plot of the movie can be summed up as 'what if your cute girlfriend is also Japan's ultimate weapon of mass destruction?' I remember reading the manga a few years back, though I'm not sure whether I finished it or not but I was most interested if they could pull of the CG.

The movie is basically two parts: one is your typical high school love story, which the Japanese are masters of. There's no way they can fuck it up. All you need is cute girls in school uniforms, have ur clumsy koukuhaku scene, throw in an older sempai, mix in some misunderstanding and there you have the romance of Japanese high school.

The problem is the war part. Lots of stuff just don't make sense. Maybe it was because I was using autosubs. Too soon for me to pass judgement on the movie until I rewatch it with proper subs.

The main is girl OK, not super kawaii like the manga but good enough. And the ending is inconclusive. Kinda hate those vague endings.