Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Primadam eps 1-3

Probably my favourite show from last season. (Haven't watched Iryuu yet) Primadam is a show about a housewife who takes up ballet. Its a cliche show but one that is done very well. Its like the housewife equivalanet of shall we dansu. Of course the main reason to watch it is the ageless Kuroki Hitomi. I will generally watch any of her doramas. I will watch her drinking coffee and talking for hours. (as long as there's English subtitles)

IMO, the X-factor of the show is Furuta Arata as Kuroki Hitomi's husband. Fans might remember him as the sleazy manager in Haruka 17. His portrayal of the stubborn husband is damn funny. Somehow they have this chemistry and I can't just help laughing when they try to communicate with each other.

Lol, love his evil stare of doom. How can something so menacing be so funny?

So far, the pacing of the first 3 episodes have been fucking good, almost too fast even. Lots of stuff happened in the 1st 2 eps to set up the story and supporting characters. Then ep 3 starts to look at each of the supporting cast, which I think is damn good way to do your side stories and pad the pacing. (No surprise that the writer did Yamato Nadeshiko and Anego, two dorama shows with excellent supporting cast and subplots)

Will their chemistry be better than Tamura Masakazu-Kuroki Hitomi pairing? the next 8 eps will tell...

Aviness has done the subs for eps 1 and 2. Sadly he hasn't been to d-addicts in a month so hopefully he can continue the series. Its definitely watchable without subs. Its a straightforward and predictable story and the funny bits are pretty self explanatory. Its just a damn fucking shame that the show didn't get good ratings and not many watch it just cause it doesn't have any bishounen on it. For those sukebes, if you're not into MILFs then there's Kaho, who played the Kanda's sis in Joou no Kyoushitsu.

Every dorama needs a good supporting cast. They should hire more milfs, not that I'm a milf-hunter or anything.......

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mikomiko123 said...

Where can we watch the show with eng subs?