Monday, April 24, 2006

Shimokita Glory Days ep 1

Goddamn, I just love midnight doramas. My first was Jyou, then 2nd House and now Shimokita GLory Days. Midnight doramas have crappy scripts, bad acting and lots of fan service. Glory Days is based on a one-dude-lots of girls manga.

Yes, I believe she should share her privates with her mates.

Personally, I'm freaking bored with this genre of anime/manga. Love Hina bored the hell out of me. Tenchi Muyo was OK but nothing special. Ichigo 100% is too long and meandering. Probably the best written one is I's. The main reason is that the genre has been done to death that every one guy lots of girls manga/anime has become a charicature of the genre, just like the main hero who is always a generic looking guy.

And like all heroes in 1-guy-many-girls anime/mangas, the hero is prone to fantasizing. Not that I'm complaining.

But this is not just a manga/anime. This is a freaking dorama featuring gravure idols and JAV actresses. Who gives a fuck about story structure and pacing? The only one I know in this show is the lovely Sora Aoi. Its pretty easy to figure out who's gravure and who's JAV. JAV actresses are more TITilating. Okay, bad pun.

My eye would bulge out like that if I were in close proximity as well.

Stop complaining you whinger. How many ppl actually experience a group ero attack in real life.

WTF did you expect?! Balloons? Someone give the kid an A for biology!

Every guy owes it to their sukebeness to get the 1st episode. There's probably like 1 fanservice for every minute. I can only imagine how crazy it will be if they finally make an Ichigo 100% dorama.

Yes, its an extremely dangerous camera angle. If only it were a tad lower.

Sora Aoi!! Yes, its kinda sad that she's the only one in this dorama that I know. Don't you think she looks a bit like Uchiyama Rina.

OMFG. This scene is so hot. Actually I don't think I've ever seen Sora Aoi in any yuri JAVs.....

Non of the actresses really captured my attention like Isoyama Sayaka in full house. Someone seriously needs to give Sora Aoi a more kawaii role. Anyways, I'm pretty certain I'll know their names and three sizes by the end of the series. I'll let the screencaps do the talking. :)

Stop pestering poor Natsume-san. Every decent looking woman should have the right to dress up as a french maid.

And stop pestering her back. Women should be free to reveal their God given bosoms.

This is one of those questions that cannot be answered. I'd like to say both equally but being raised Catholic I'd choose right. Plus the one on the left is wearing a bra under her maid costume. WTF is up with that?

Turn around you idiot. There's nothing like women grabbing each other's breasts to strengthen their frienship. What? You mean that's not why they go to toilets together?

Best way to find out: have all the ladies in the house try it on and whoever it fits on the most is the owner. :)

If after looking at the caps you do not feel like the fate of the world depends on you getting this dorama, then you are either:

a) A fan of brokeback mountain

b) Are female and not bisexual like 97% of women are

c) Live with 5 female housemates who look like gravure idols.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Akihabara Sannin Musume - Tokimeki Oubaakurokku

Been playing this game called Power Instinct Matrimelee a lot these past few days. Its a solid fighter but not as deep. The most impressive thing for me is that they actually have songs for the BGMS. Not just one song, all the BGMs which is like even more wtf considering that its on a catridge! No fucking idea how the managed to fit everything in.

And the music is just so addictive, ranging from girlpop to enka. My favourite song has to be Toki meki Overclock, a song about overclocking sung in typical kawaii jpop. Check out the lyrics and translation here, taken from Kazuya_UK's lyrics guide at gamefaqs:

Japanese Lyrics:
Kyou mo ryukku seotte Akihabara (Rettsu Gou!)
Paatsuya asari ni uchidori (Waku waku!)
Shuyaku no CPU wa daiji dakeredo (Demo saa)
Yappari kaname wa mazabou yo (Da yo nee)

Asobi kokoro no nai you na
BIOS nante kyomi nai wa
Kyuukyoku no penchi o mireru you na
Kyokugen no hayasa made chousen shitai kara (Suitchi oon!)

RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
Arara reikyaku hitsuyou ne (Maji de?)
RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
Urusai no wa kirai dakara seion fan ni shichau waa ne!

(Yappari keisu wa arumi de nai to ne)
(Tte iuka kono haadodisuku chou atsui yo)
(Aan, mata furiizu shita, ante warusugi)
(Demo teikaku wa yappari yadana)

Akihabara Sannin Musume maybe three poorly animated background sprites but I 
seriously can't get the song out of my head.

English Lyrics:
Going to Akihabara again with my knapsack on my back (Let's go!)
Hunting for PC parts shops in all the backstreets (How exciting!)
Although the CPU is the star of the show (But...)
What I really need is a motherboard (You said it!)

I've got no interest in BIOS
It never wants to come out to play
I'm looking for the best pair of pliers I can find
Cause I wanna tune my PC to the fastest it can go

RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
Hey hey hey, looks like you need a cooling system (Really?)
RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
I really hate a noisy PC, so I'm gonna hafta buy a silent fan

(I'm tellin' ya, You need an aluminum case)
(Yeah but this hard disk is really hot)
(Oh no! My PC froze again. Its stability sucks)
(Look at these specs... terrible!)
Goddamn is this the perfect Otaku song or what? All I need now is Gomatto or Def Diva to sing this song. To grab the song, go here.

Another song to note is Chiisana Shiawase, about happiness of fries. Just download the mp3 and check out the translation. Its a damn funny song. I just love the YAMETE!!!!!!!!! part. Or just download the game, there's nothing like laying the smackdown with weird and wacky songs in the background.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Taihen no Mondai!!!!!!!

Fuck! I just realised that I'm missing Anego ep 8. Just realised that the softsubs for ep 8 and 9 are out but for some reason I didn't download ep 8. Or I accidentally deleted it. Noooooooo. How could I have eps 9 and 10 but not 8? Sigh, trying to get the final ep of Kobayakawa Nobuki no Koi but the seeders don't seem to be uploading.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Abe Natsumi - Sweet Holic

Nacchi's 2nd single of the year. Technically, its a pretty catchy song. The problem is its just not memorable. It just doesn't sound like an HP song. That being said, Nacchi's best solo song is still 'Otoko Tomodachi'. The rest of her solo stuff have been pretty forgettable and this is no exception.

I think the backup singers singing along with her spoils the song. This is Nacchi singing, not her sister. No need to cover up her voice. I mean no one can sing Furusato like she can. Sure she's not in Ayaya's league voice-wise but she still got a pretty good voice.

I think the PV is has subplanted Yuko's Get Along With You as HP's cheapest to produce PV ever. The whole PV is basically a face shot of Nacchi that sorta moves from side to side as she sings the song. (Not that I'm complaining)

Hhhmm, what's that I spy with my eye? Truly less is more...

Of note is of course Nacchi's cleavage. She's wearing a pink bra and you can see the top of her enticing cleavage. (IMO, she's wearing a push up) I'm watching the PV and screaming at the goddamn cameraman to go lower. For God's sake, share the view with the rest of the world! Hhmm, I wonder if Nacchi's wearing the same outfit for her live performances. :)

Through my years of being a Momusu-addict I've never been obsessed with Nacchi's cleavage until now. I guess it was because everyone knew Kago had the biggest pair. Maybe Nacchi's praying for me to save her from the evil clutches of Tsunku. :)

Nacchi's greatest weakness when compared to Ayaya is that Ayaya can make mediocre songs sound great. Tsunku needs to get back to his hallucanegenics and write some crazy and fun songs again or give a call to whoever wrote Asami Abe's songs.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Old school Momusu on Tokuban

Read Cult of Pop's excellent review last week on the graduated Momusus' (minus Kago) visit to Utaban and I knew I just had to get get the damn thing. It really brought me back to the days of watching Hello Mornings, Utabans, Musix and various Momusu tv appearances. You didn't even need to have a strong grasp of Japanese to laugh at all the silliness.

Haven't kept up with Momusu since Nacci left so I'm not up to date on the current group. The most recent thing I downloaded was the Koharu audition. I'm not going to bitch about the current members. This blog entry is about the glory days of old school momusu.

Flashback to really old school Momusu. I remember the first time Mari, Kei and Sayaka first came to Momusu. I believe it was a for a photoshoot. You could cut the tension between them with a knife and Yuko looked like she wanted to kill someone. Too bad I don't have the file with me now, it'll be interesting to blog about that.

The two main singers of old school Momusu.


OMG, old school Nacci is so kawaii! :) She has always been the girl-next-door idol. Now she's turning into a more 'womanly' idol. Wasn't a fan of her tomboy haircut towards the end of her Momusu tenure though.

Old school Nacci looking pissed off. The true measure of an idol's kawaiiness is how kawaii they can look when angry.

Nacchi looking her age........

But goddamn she's still knows how to pull off their endearing facial expressions. Anyways, when she gets too old, there's always her sister to perv after :)


Hhhmm, anyone remember the old Yuko and Nacci kissing clip. I think I have it somewhere.... Anyone remember the Yuko is a lesbian posts on jpopmusic? lol

My 2nd fav Momusu. She and Nacchi IMO were the two irreplaceable members. Her departure changed the whole dynamic of the group though it can be said the group was getting too young for her.....


But how good was it to see the banter between the hosts and old school. But I have to say Maki just doesn't look as good. Maybe she had a job done, maybe she's lost her cool factor. Comparing her with the graduated momusus, she just doesn't stand out like she did in the old days. Maybe its just that after seeing her brother Yuki, she just doesn't look hot anymore.

Or Maybe after watching her in Maria and Yanpapa, I've realised that Maki's 'cool' act is too boring. Or Maybe its the fact that that Maki has been on decline the day Tsunku had the 'brilliant' idea for her to sing 'Te wo nigette arukitai'; probably one of the most shocking PVs ever.

Takaaki making a grab for Maki's boobs. Hhmm, she doesn't seem so distressed about it... Damn I wished I had the file of Maki's surprise bday on Utaban. Takaaki singing happy birthday to her was one of the funniest stuff I've ever seen.


Rika looks absolutely hot. And her squeky voice is still the same. I think the question everyone wants to know is how'll she sound when she's like 30? She was never my favourite but damn does she look so much better than most of the current group.

Truer words have never been spoken. I'm surprised Takaaki said it out loud. I hope Tsunku heard him loud n clear. This appearance was way too short. And cause Kago wasn't there, Tsuji didn't get to say much. Tsunku should just graduate Yossi and reform the 10-nin Momusu. I mean, they could do a one-off reunion concert and it'll definitely outsell the current group.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Isoyama Sayaka - Ruby Fish

Wheeeeeeee. Continuing with my obsession with Isoyama Sayaka, here's a look at her latest gravure vid; Ruby Fish. No idea why its called Ruby Fish though. At one point she's posing with a fishbowl but it only blocked her 2nd best feature; her cleavage. Anyway, who cares what a gravure video is called as long as its good.

Love the view from up here...

One major complaint about this vid is the music. Its like the music in your typical American pr0n, without the sex. Its trying to be classy but its so lame. Better to turn off the volume and play ur fav songs. I would like to see an Ogura Yuko vid set to her album though.

Pretty 'artistic' picture here......

I had more fun watching 2nd House. The one hour vid mainly consists of her standing around. Did I fail to mention the lame music? Complaint no 2: no cosplay. WTF is up with that? I mean have some variety ffs. Most of the shots are of her in bikinis.

Imagine finding her in your kitchen......

Isoyama Sayaka's weak point is that her arms are not that slim. They need to hide her arms and concentrate on her face and cleavage. I dunno. Maybe the director sucks. Maybe the director is some artistic fella who's just doing this gig for a payday.

Favourite pose from Ruby Fish. I'm pretty sure anyone would agree with me. :)

Do I regret downloading this? Sorta. 1 gig for 1 hour of not so good shot of Isoyama Sayaka is not really a good use of bandwidth. Still, I could not have resisted getting it. Thanks to whirlybird of javtalk for the upload.

The end of the vid as a segment called Sayaka's bar. In it, Sayaka's like the barmaid conversing with the viewer. She does hostess stuff like asking how's your job and doing a kawaii gambatte. Written questions pop up and she answers them. If I could read Japanese I would read them and play along.....

Why couldn't she be in some barmaid/ tavern wench outfit? Can't argue with the great view though.

Playing blackjack with Sayaka.

Seriously, I think being a gravure photographer is the best job in the world. Do your job, go to bed, turn off the lights and pretend your Mrs is the gravure idol you were shooting.

Monday, April 03, 2006

2nd House ep 12 (Final)

Get away from her, you hentai ojiisan!

2nd House is finished. Don't have anything new to say about the series that I haven't said. They got the correct ending but it doesn't help that Misawa's wife is one super undeveloped supporting character. Of note is that there are no ecchi scenes in the final ep, probably to emphasise the melodrama of the ending. I mean, the 3 hot nurses don't even figure in the final ep? WTF? WTF are the oppais??????

As much as I like Isoyama Sayaka, I don't think she's got what it takes to be a leading actress. But then, she started out as a gravure idol. IMO, if she wants to move from gravures to the mainstream, she needs to get supporting parts in major doramas. For eg, Megumi who played supporting roles in Pride, Last Christmas and Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu.

And they need more babes in midnight doramas. I mean, how much can it cost to pay gravure idols to appear in 1 or 2 eps? I mean, the OLs in Misawa's firm are ugly and I don't find them the least funny. Someone needs to send a memo to all comedic writers in Japan that ugly girls are not funny.

Still, as crap as 2nd House was, it was one of fav guilty pleasures. I didn't feel guilty skipping the boring bits and I loved any part with Isoyama Sayaka. The problem with her being a gravure idol, I doubt she's going to get any quality scripts. Of course I have no idea how her management wants to shaper her career. If she's acting not just for exposure, she needs to avoid Hirayama Aya's mistake of leading a prime time dorama too soon.

Speaking of midnight doramas, I haven't even gone around to finish watching Jyou with Sora Aoi. And at the end of 2nd House they advertised another dorama with Sora Aoi. Soon, all actresses in jdorama will be either gravure idols or AV actresses. Gwahahahahaha. Or Jpop idols. Muahahahahaha. If only 99% of actors weren't pussies from Johnny's.

I love women in uniform. :)

Has my 2 month + obsession with Isoyama Sayaka come to an end? Will someone be uploading another of her gravures on JAVTalk soon? Will I be meeting her in my dreams tonight and somehow be able to speak perfect Japanese?