Monday, April 24, 2006

Shimokita Glory Days ep 1

Goddamn, I just love midnight doramas. My first was Jyou, then 2nd House and now Shimokita GLory Days. Midnight doramas have crappy scripts, bad acting and lots of fan service. Glory Days is based on a one-dude-lots of girls manga.

Yes, I believe she should share her privates with her mates.

Personally, I'm freaking bored with this genre of anime/manga. Love Hina bored the hell out of me. Tenchi Muyo was OK but nothing special. Ichigo 100% is too long and meandering. Probably the best written one is I's. The main reason is that the genre has been done to death that every one guy lots of girls manga/anime has become a charicature of the genre, just like the main hero who is always a generic looking guy.

And like all heroes in 1-guy-many-girls anime/mangas, the hero is prone to fantasizing. Not that I'm complaining.

But this is not just a manga/anime. This is a freaking dorama featuring gravure idols and JAV actresses. Who gives a fuck about story structure and pacing? The only one I know in this show is the lovely Sora Aoi. Its pretty easy to figure out who's gravure and who's JAV. JAV actresses are more TITilating. Okay, bad pun.

My eye would bulge out like that if I were in close proximity as well.

Stop complaining you whinger. How many ppl actually experience a group ero attack in real life.

WTF did you expect?! Balloons? Someone give the kid an A for biology!

Every guy owes it to their sukebeness to get the 1st episode. There's probably like 1 fanservice for every minute. I can only imagine how crazy it will be if they finally make an Ichigo 100% dorama.

Yes, its an extremely dangerous camera angle. If only it were a tad lower.

Sora Aoi!! Yes, its kinda sad that she's the only one in this dorama that I know. Don't you think she looks a bit like Uchiyama Rina.

OMFG. This scene is so hot. Actually I don't think I've ever seen Sora Aoi in any yuri JAVs.....

Non of the actresses really captured my attention like Isoyama Sayaka in full house. Someone seriously needs to give Sora Aoi a more kawaii role. Anyways, I'm pretty certain I'll know their names and three sizes by the end of the series. I'll let the screencaps do the talking. :)

Stop pestering poor Natsume-san. Every decent looking woman should have the right to dress up as a french maid.

And stop pestering her back. Women should be free to reveal their God given bosoms.

This is one of those questions that cannot be answered. I'd like to say both equally but being raised Catholic I'd choose right. Plus the one on the left is wearing a bra under her maid costume. WTF is up with that?

Turn around you idiot. There's nothing like women grabbing each other's breasts to strengthen their frienship. What? You mean that's not why they go to toilets together?

Best way to find out: have all the ladies in the house try it on and whoever it fits on the most is the owner. :)

If after looking at the caps you do not feel like the fate of the world depends on you getting this dorama, then you are either:

a) A fan of brokeback mountain

b) Are female and not bisexual like 97% of women are

c) Live with 5 female housemates who look like gravure idols.

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Anonymous said...

lol u rockz! i am a fan of glory days too, now downloading the eps 2. your blog is one of those i will put into favourites. keep up the good work man ;)