Sunday, April 23, 2006

Akihabara Sannin Musume - Tokimeki Oubaakurokku

Been playing this game called Power Instinct Matrimelee a lot these past few days. Its a solid fighter but not as deep. The most impressive thing for me is that they actually have songs for the BGMS. Not just one song, all the BGMs which is like even more wtf considering that its on a catridge! No fucking idea how the managed to fit everything in.

And the music is just so addictive, ranging from girlpop to enka. My favourite song has to be Toki meki Overclock, a song about overclocking sung in typical kawaii jpop. Check out the lyrics and translation here, taken from Kazuya_UK's lyrics guide at gamefaqs:

Japanese Lyrics:
Kyou mo ryukku seotte Akihabara (Rettsu Gou!)
Paatsuya asari ni uchidori (Waku waku!)
Shuyaku no CPU wa daiji dakeredo (Demo saa)
Yappari kaname wa mazabou yo (Da yo nee)

Asobi kokoro no nai you na
BIOS nante kyomi nai wa
Kyuukyoku no penchi o mireru you na
Kyokugen no hayasa made chousen shitai kara (Suitchi oon!)

RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
Arara reikyaku hitsuyou ne (Maji de?)
RA RA RA Oubaakurokku (IEI!) Netsubousou (FUU!)
Urusai no wa kirai dakara seion fan ni shichau waa ne!

(Yappari keisu wa arumi de nai to ne)
(Tte iuka kono haadodisuku chou atsui yo)
(Aan, mata furiizu shita, ante warusugi)
(Demo teikaku wa yappari yadana)

Akihabara Sannin Musume maybe three poorly animated background sprites but I 
seriously can't get the song out of my head.

English Lyrics:
Going to Akihabara again with my knapsack on my back (Let's go!)
Hunting for PC parts shops in all the backstreets (How exciting!)
Although the CPU is the star of the show (But...)
What I really need is a motherboard (You said it!)

I've got no interest in BIOS
It never wants to come out to play
I'm looking for the best pair of pliers I can find
Cause I wanna tune my PC to the fastest it can go

RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
Hey hey hey, looks like you need a cooling system (Really?)
RA RA RA Overclock (YAY!) Overheat (BOO!)
I really hate a noisy PC, so I'm gonna hafta buy a silent fan

(I'm tellin' ya, You need an aluminum case)
(Yeah but this hard disk is really hot)
(Oh no! My PC froze again. Its stability sucks)
(Look at these specs... terrible!)
Goddamn is this the perfect Otaku song or what? All I need now is Gomatto or Def Diva to sing this song. To grab the song, go here.

Another song to note is Chiisana Shiawase, about happiness of fries. Just download the mp3 and check out the translation. Its a damn funny song. I just love the YAMETE!!!!!!!!! part. Or just download the game, there's nothing like laying the smackdown with weird and wacky songs in the background.

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