Monday, April 03, 2006

2nd House ep 12 (Final)

Get away from her, you hentai ojiisan!

2nd House is finished. Don't have anything new to say about the series that I haven't said. They got the correct ending but it doesn't help that Misawa's wife is one super undeveloped supporting character. Of note is that there are no ecchi scenes in the final ep, probably to emphasise the melodrama of the ending. I mean, the 3 hot nurses don't even figure in the final ep? WTF? WTF are the oppais??????

As much as I like Isoyama Sayaka, I don't think she's got what it takes to be a leading actress. But then, she started out as a gravure idol. IMO, if she wants to move from gravures to the mainstream, she needs to get supporting parts in major doramas. For eg, Megumi who played supporting roles in Pride, Last Christmas and Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu.

And they need more babes in midnight doramas. I mean, how much can it cost to pay gravure idols to appear in 1 or 2 eps? I mean, the OLs in Misawa's firm are ugly and I don't find them the least funny. Someone needs to send a memo to all comedic writers in Japan that ugly girls are not funny.

Still, as crap as 2nd House was, it was one of fav guilty pleasures. I didn't feel guilty skipping the boring bits and I loved any part with Isoyama Sayaka. The problem with her being a gravure idol, I doubt she's going to get any quality scripts. Of course I have no idea how her management wants to shaper her career. If she's acting not just for exposure, she needs to avoid Hirayama Aya's mistake of leading a prime time dorama too soon.

Speaking of midnight doramas, I haven't even gone around to finish watching Jyou with Sora Aoi. And at the end of 2nd House they advertised another dorama with Sora Aoi. Soon, all actresses in jdorama will be either gravure idols or AV actresses. Gwahahahahaha. Or Jpop idols. Muahahahahaha. If only 99% of actors weren't pussies from Johnny's.

I love women in uniform. :)

Has my 2 month + obsession with Isoyama Sayaka come to an end? Will someone be uploading another of her gravures on JAVTalk soon? Will I be meeting her in my dreams tonight and somehow be able to speak perfect Japanese?

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