Friday, April 14, 2006

Old school Momusu on Tokuban

Read Cult of Pop's excellent review last week on the graduated Momusus' (minus Kago) visit to Utaban and I knew I just had to get get the damn thing. It really brought me back to the days of watching Hello Mornings, Utabans, Musix and various Momusu tv appearances. You didn't even need to have a strong grasp of Japanese to laugh at all the silliness.

Haven't kept up with Momusu since Nacci left so I'm not up to date on the current group. The most recent thing I downloaded was the Koharu audition. I'm not going to bitch about the current members. This blog entry is about the glory days of old school momusu.

Flashback to really old school Momusu. I remember the first time Mari, Kei and Sayaka first came to Momusu. I believe it was a for a photoshoot. You could cut the tension between them with a knife and Yuko looked like she wanted to kill someone. Too bad I don't have the file with me now, it'll be interesting to blog about that.

The two main singers of old school Momusu.


OMG, old school Nacci is so kawaii! :) She has always been the girl-next-door idol. Now she's turning into a more 'womanly' idol. Wasn't a fan of her tomboy haircut towards the end of her Momusu tenure though.

Old school Nacci looking pissed off. The true measure of an idol's kawaiiness is how kawaii they can look when angry.

Nacchi looking her age........

But goddamn she's still knows how to pull off their endearing facial expressions. Anyways, when she gets too old, there's always her sister to perv after :)


Hhhmm, anyone remember the old Yuko and Nacci kissing clip. I think I have it somewhere.... Anyone remember the Yuko is a lesbian posts on jpopmusic? lol

My 2nd fav Momusu. She and Nacchi IMO were the two irreplaceable members. Her departure changed the whole dynamic of the group though it can be said the group was getting too young for her.....


But how good was it to see the banter between the hosts and old school. But I have to say Maki just doesn't look as good. Maybe she had a job done, maybe she's lost her cool factor. Comparing her with the graduated momusus, she just doesn't stand out like she did in the old days. Maybe its just that after seeing her brother Yuki, she just doesn't look hot anymore.

Or Maybe after watching her in Maria and Yanpapa, I've realised that Maki's 'cool' act is too boring. Or Maybe its the fact that that Maki has been on decline the day Tsunku had the 'brilliant' idea for her to sing 'Te wo nigette arukitai'; probably one of the most shocking PVs ever.

Takaaki making a grab for Maki's boobs. Hhmm, she doesn't seem so distressed about it... Damn I wished I had the file of Maki's surprise bday on Utaban. Takaaki singing happy birthday to her was one of the funniest stuff I've ever seen.


Rika looks absolutely hot. And her squeky voice is still the same. I think the question everyone wants to know is how'll she sound when she's like 30? She was never my favourite but damn does she look so much better than most of the current group.

Truer words have never been spoken. I'm surprised Takaaki said it out loud. I hope Tsunku heard him loud n clear. This appearance was way too short. And cause Kago wasn't there, Tsuji didn't get to say much. Tsunku should just graduate Yossi and reform the 10-nin Momusu. I mean, they could do a one-off reunion concert and it'll definitely outsell the current group.


tUrtleAE86 said...

Rika's so ufking hot =]

A friend of mine has a gf that looks JUST like her.. same age too!
although she's chinese, but she speaks Japanese!

gah! the unfairness.. =[

Akiramike said...

WTF? Chinese girl that looks like Rika? And speaks Japanese? I'm guessing she's mixed? Hopefully your friend doesn't accidentally call out 'Rika' in bed.

I just want a chinese girlfriend who looks like Nacchi. :)