Saturday, April 08, 2006

Isoyama Sayaka - Ruby Fish

Wheeeeeeee. Continuing with my obsession with Isoyama Sayaka, here's a look at her latest gravure vid; Ruby Fish. No idea why its called Ruby Fish though. At one point she's posing with a fishbowl but it only blocked her 2nd best feature; her cleavage. Anyway, who cares what a gravure video is called as long as its good.

Love the view from up here...

One major complaint about this vid is the music. Its like the music in your typical American pr0n, without the sex. Its trying to be classy but its so lame. Better to turn off the volume and play ur fav songs. I would like to see an Ogura Yuko vid set to her album though.

Pretty 'artistic' picture here......

I had more fun watching 2nd House. The one hour vid mainly consists of her standing around. Did I fail to mention the lame music? Complaint no 2: no cosplay. WTF is up with that? I mean have some variety ffs. Most of the shots are of her in bikinis.

Imagine finding her in your kitchen......

Isoyama Sayaka's weak point is that her arms are not that slim. They need to hide her arms and concentrate on her face and cleavage. I dunno. Maybe the director sucks. Maybe the director is some artistic fella who's just doing this gig for a payday.

Favourite pose from Ruby Fish. I'm pretty sure anyone would agree with me. :)

Do I regret downloading this? Sorta. 1 gig for 1 hour of not so good shot of Isoyama Sayaka is not really a good use of bandwidth. Still, I could not have resisted getting it. Thanks to whirlybird of javtalk for the upload.

The end of the vid as a segment called Sayaka's bar. In it, Sayaka's like the barmaid conversing with the viewer. She does hostess stuff like asking how's your job and doing a kawaii gambatte. Written questions pop up and she answers them. If I could read Japanese I would read them and play along.....

Why couldn't she be in some barmaid/ tavern wench outfit? Can't argue with the great view though.

Playing blackjack with Sayaka.

Seriously, I think being a gravure photographer is the best job in the world. Do your job, go to bed, turn off the lights and pretend your Mrs is the gravure idol you were shooting.

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