Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko Ep 8 + 9

Ep 8

I would never have thought that the best actor in this ep is Ken-chan. That dog has more facial expressions than Fukada Kyoko. Kuwano bonding with Ken-chan is just hilarious. Its what so great about the series: no need to spell out what is happening. Its all about facial expressions and what is not said.

Its hard to describe how funny this ep is. You can say Kuwano and Ken-chan have chemistry, lol. Somehow, they just seem so alike. And when Michiru came back, you can see the sadness as if Ken-chan is saying that Michuru's his bitch and he can't leave her or something lol.

I've noticed the cashier at the combini is not bad. No wonder kuwana goes every ep, lol.

Ep 9

No man can resist such a kawaii egao, not even a kekkon dekinai otoko...

OMFG, the funniest ep so far. Everyone thinks that Kuwano has gotten a young girlfriend and hilarity ensues. Normally, I find plots about misunderstanding a big waste of time. Except in this ep, its to show how everyone reacts to the news. Kuwana is like one of those friends that when bad things happen to you, he has it worse. So what happens when the person who everyone compares themselves to succeeds? Everyone goes bonkers.

The girl is cute, though she has lazy eyes. Its a shame that she's not in the episode longer but from a storyline point of view, she served her purpose. Hhmm, need to find out her name.

Nothing excites me more than two ladies hiding behind a bush......

You know how its going to end. And its nice that they dun beat around the bush. And they take the chance to further Kuwano and Natsumi, but as always their conversation ends with her storming off. We get a bit of Ken chan thrown in. Its funny how though the supporting characters don't have stories to tell, the pacing is still very fast.

Hey aren't u Imoko's onechan? Imoko imoko imoko!
Everything in this show still resolves around Kuwano and yet it never slows down. Usually a dorama requires decent side stories to keep it going. IMO, its all because of the excellence of the script.

If you're not watching this show, get it. Trust me, its too fucking good to not watch. Every current series just bloody pales in comparison that I don't feel like watching them. Perhaps this is Abe Hiroshi's definitive role besides the Trick series. I enjoy watching it without and then with the subs. I'll probably rewatch the whole thing after it ends.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Taiyo no Uta ep 5

This show has too much of a 'been there done that' feel. However, I really like the additions to the storyline from the movie. Sekachu and Ima Ai ni Yukimasu didn't deviate or add much from the movies so they really had to stretch the episodes. The movie would have been better if they had put the Asami storyline in and quickened the pace.

Basically what I'm saying is that the longer this series delays the doom and gloom, the better. In fact they should move through it fast like the movie but I'm guessing the producers will want to milk it for all its worth.

End of the day, I'll watch anything with Sawajiri Erika in it. Its a crying shame that her scenes are at night and usually outdoors. For TBS's next show they should get the main actor from Ichi Litre and Ayase Haruka and do a show about a conman who goes after girls with fatal diseases and and a girl who cons ppl by claiming to have one! Hhmm, I think it would make a funny comedy.

This genre is something that should be done only once in a while because the more you do it, the more it becomes a parody of itself. Its a very heavy subject that's somewhat rigid in terms of variation and feel. You can cast different actors in all sorts of boy meets girl stories and they'll al feel different. But girl with deadly disease? Someone please cast Sawajiri Erika in a comedy next....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Taiyo no Uta (movie)

Yui needs to take pouting lessons from Nacchi....

Wasn't crazy about watching this movie. The premise sounded like someone put Sekachu and Ichi Litre no Namida together. Frankly, I'm bloody bored of the heroine with a deadly disease shows. Its just so tacky, so manipulative, so...... Korean. The dorama is really uninspired and the only reason I'm watching is Sawajiri Erika.

1st rule of Jmovies/dorama: main actress needs a best friend who is not as hot.

However, the movie is definitely better than the dorama, mainly cause of Yui. She brings credibility to the role cause she can actually sing and play the guitar. I have no idea how good Sawajiri Erika is, but she's more of a gravure idol turned actress than singer. Yui's acting in Taiyo no Uta is as bad as Asami Abe's in Hotman 2. But IMO, it sorta works because it gives her a sort of awkwardness. After all, her character doesn't interact much with the world at large. Plus she knows how to act kawaii. (something which all Japanese girls know)

The 'street performances' make it sorta like a movie cum Yui mtv. Plus it ties in with her real life story. The other performances are ok. Of note is the father, played by the main actor from Nanisama. Now that was an average but very enjoyable dorama. The movie has a raw look to it, which gives it a more low budget/indie feel.

The other plus is the same as the Sekachu movie: the end is short and sweet. No beating around the bush. The Sekachu dorama just dragged on and on and on. Needless to say, I will be fast forwarding the last episodes of the Taiyo no Uta dorama.

OMG, the aliens have landed!?

IMO this movie is more to promote her music than to test her acting. If you haven't heard her music yet, this movie is a good intro to her stuff. She's got a good voice and her songs are catchy. Unfortunately, they haven't lasted long on my playlist. She just needs a big hit which can stand up to repeated listening. In the end, I recommend anyone to watch the movie. There's suprisingly little melodrama and I'll have you humming 'Goodbye days' afterwards......

Friday, August 18, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 4-7

Still my favourite of the shows that I'm watching. I just can't wait for the subs. Shinsuke is a fucking bastard. I just love how he manages to piss everyone off, especially Natsumi without realising it. Like ep 4 when he made the tour guide cry and then embarrass Natsumi. I can sorta understand his need to impart his knowledge on others though. I would say Shinsuke is just acting like any guy would, if they weren't restrained by social etiquette.

Typically, in jdorama comedies there's a conversation going with a certain rythm. The rythm then goes faster and builds up to the punchine. The humour in Kekkon Dekinai Otoko is more 'mature'. I would say its obviously funny that it doesn't need a punchline.

Kuninaka Ryoko gives new meaning to the term 'love thy neighbour'......

Take for example ep 4 when Shinsuke and Natsumi meet on the tour bus and the old man behind addresses him as goushujin. Natsumi sarcastically asks, 'anata dare no goushujin desu ka?' The old later behind offers her some snacks and addresses her as 'oku-san'. The punchline should be anata dare no okusan?' But it never comes. We just get a few minutes of hilarious silence cause the characters and the audience know it.

Ep 5 is a hilarious ep about them trying to break into Shinsuke's apartment. The comedy in ep 6 is in Shinsuke's particularity in making okonomiyaki. But I guess wut it also says is that routines are important to him. The feeling of being in control. Knowing what to expect and what to do. Because one is single, uncertainty is not a good thing. Shinsuke is a bloody well rounded character. He'd better be cause this show revolves around him.

Natsumi ready to kil Shinsuke...

Ep 7 we get to meet Natsumi's dad and its refreshing to see Natsumi running away from her problems for a change. I'm kinda sad that this series is going to end in another 3/4 eps. Its so fucking good that I don't want it to end. So far the pace has been real slow storylinewise but they made up for it with the comedy and character interactions. They can easily do 15 eps or een 18. I dun want it to end. Maybe I'm just afraid that the last few eps will be too 'conventional'. Maybe its because its already ep 7 and there's so much ground to cover storyline wise.

I wish there were more for Kuninaka Ryoko to do. She's too bloody bijin to be relegated to the status of plot device friend. The only thing I don't understand about this show is the Kaneda character. He'll probably have a hand in the ending but I don't see the purpose of the him in this show.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Finally got around the watching Nana the movie.Wasn't that eager to watch it cause popular movies usually fail to match up with the hype. I didn't have any expectations going to watch this exept I've gotten pretty sick of Endless Story.

Nana is a movie about two people; a naive country ojousan and goth rocker chick. Its pretty obvious that this is based on a shoujo manga cause the rock chick is fierce, independent etc. If this were a shoujo manga, she would be a goth lolita working at a maid cafe and if this were a seinen manga, they would be doing freaky things to each other.

Amost as good as the Hirosue Ryoko or Nacchi pout.....

There are 2 main themes in this movie. The first is friendship. Though its more of a sisterhood thing, its a more subtle friendship characterised more by actions which makes it like a brotherhood thing. What I'm saying is that its not your conventional friendship movie between 2 girls. There's also hints of shoujo-ai or maybe yuri in the movie but nothing really happens.

Hey, its that sleazy long haired doc from Iryu.

Yeah, I'd like to see Nana chan play with Nana chan. hhhmmm

The second aspect of the film is about how two seemingly completely different people are more similar than they seem etc etc. blah blah blah. You get the picture. However, I like the subtlety of how they handle things thought its a decent but not a memorable film. Obviously I'm not of the gender this film is marketed at but goddamn it I had a pretty good time perving at Miyazaki Aoi.

Her performance as Hachi is just straight out of an anime. She's just super perfect for the part, from her pouting to her country innocence. And Ichikawa Yui is going to play Hachi in the sequel. WTF????? Are they out of their mind?? Have they not watched her bloody Kurosagi and Rondo?? Yeah she's been playing ojousans since H2 but she aint got the correct mix of kawaii and innocence. In fact, she has been very boring since H2.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sora Aoi - Hadaka No Kiss

I just found out this week that Sora Aoi released a single in on 31st May. I couldn't believe it. Many gravure idols try to break into the music industry all the time (Ichikawa Yui, Ogura Yuko, etc). In fact one could argue that the gravure and music industry have a lot in common. But a JAV actress???

I will not be uploading the song cause it just sucks. Yeah Sora Aoi is good at sucking but her singing just suxx0rs. She's got this low but not sexy singing voice. In fact, its very bland. And the song is equally boring. They obviously have no idea how to market her to music fans. She needs a fast paces europop song with her doing some para para. And the lyrics need to include the words 'yamete', 'kimochi' and it needs to end with 'ikuuuuuuuuu........................'

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Isoyama Sayaka - Asian Mermaid

What can I say, she has supplanted Ogura Yuko as my favourite gravure idol. So enjoy some snaps from her video shoot.

Of all the gravure idols I've seen, she's the best at striking poses, without actually doing them.

Still the best cleavage in the business.

Goddamn, this is one damn inviting pose.....

Fark, I need to find chikan otoko. Isoyama Sayaka + Nagasawa Nao + Hasebe Yu = WIN!

Monday, August 07, 2006

7 things I learned from Gal Circle

This has been the most educational jdorma I've ever seen and I would like to summarise the wisdom contained in the 11 episodes. In general, they're basically advice on how guys/cowboys should educate 17 year old Shibuya girls. I mean the only thing most guys do at Shibuya is fund their education/rent or patronise their enjyo-kosaing....

1) The best way to catch girls is to dig holes in Public Parks.

aka If a girl is dump enough to fall into such a simle trap, she requires sepecial re-education.

2) To teach the importance of life, just hang them from the top of a building

Dun forget to tell them to shi-ne, urusai and that they are mukatsuku.

3) To teach them that no one is useless, it is acceptable to lock them in a basement and gas them with insecticide

Yes the risk of one of them dying of inhalation is insignificant in the face of the greater good of education.

4) To teach them the importance of eating of eating, dump them into a hole, pour water and seeds and starve them until the seeds grow

And strangely enough, Shibuya girls will be thankful to you for holding them captive.

5) nuff said

If I were a monk, I would be specialising in exorcising evil spirits of Shibuya girls.

6) If they still don't value their life, just bury them alive and taunt them...

What is it with cowboys, Shibuya girls and holes?

7) Best way to flush out girls on strike: just gave a sukiyaki party outside..

Goddamn I'm freaking hungry......

On the whole, it was a funny show. Not as funny as it could be but funny enough. My only dissappoinment was the 2nd half of the last episode. The lightning thing as so meh, and I didn't give a fuck about the final revelation.

Hhmm, Toda Erika striking a sexy pose alongside Mari......

But seriously, this is a show that's definitely worth watching. Its got lotsa chicks, laughs and decent story. Would have been nice to see some nice para para dances though. Actually the para para part is prob the weakest part of the show. Maybe they shoulda put Hinoi Team on the show. :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

5 reasons to watch Attention Please

1. Ueto Aya

After Ace and Attack No.1, I'm kinda tired of her. Only time she really turned me on was Koukou Kyoushi 2003. Maybe its her great acting in Kinpachi Sensei 6 or the fact that her physical appearance is not 'mature' enough.

Nonetheless, IMO, she carried this show very well doing her typical super genki + gambarimashou act.

2. Yoo Min/ Fueki Yuko

Hottest chick on the show is a Korean? I must be out of my mind. Maybe its not that I find Japanese girls hotter but that I like girls speaking nihongo. hhhhhmmm, maybe I've got a language fetish or something. Or maybe its just because Korean woman + stewardess uniform = win!

Hhm, apparently she acted in a movie last year which she appeared nude.......

3. Aibu Saki

Ah, my favourite actress from Gambatte Ikimashoi. Unfortunately her role as a sidekick in this show is a thankless one. She has her moments but doesn't shine enough. She's cute and has the next door girl image down. Someone just needs to give her a breakthrough role.

4. Uehara Misa

I enjoyed her performance more when she was still squabbling with Euto Aya,

5. Yayoi's dad

There's nothing funnier in doramas than perverted fathers, not to mention a father who can recognise every Air Stewardess who has ever been on the JAL calender. :)

In the end I can't complain this show. Its funny , with decent pacing and of course lots of girls in Cabin Attendant uniforms. whhhhhhhhheeeeeee. If I have one complaint, its that the skirts are too long and the tops are not tight enough!