Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sora Aoi - Hadaka No Kiss

I just found out this week that Sora Aoi released a single in on 31st May. I couldn't believe it. Many gravure idols try to break into the music industry all the time (Ichikawa Yui, Ogura Yuko, etc). In fact one could argue that the gravure and music industry have a lot in common. But a JAV actress???

I will not be uploading the song cause it just sucks. Yeah Sora Aoi is good at sucking but her singing just suxx0rs. She's got this low but not sexy singing voice. In fact, its very bland. And the song is equally boring. They obviously have no idea how to market her to music fans. She needs a fast paces europop song with her doing some para para. And the lyrics need to include the words 'yamete', 'kimochi' and it needs to end with 'ikuuuuuuuuu........................'

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