Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Finally got around the watching Nana the movie.Wasn't that eager to watch it cause popular movies usually fail to match up with the hype. I didn't have any expectations going to watch this exept I've gotten pretty sick of Endless Story.

Nana is a movie about two people; a naive country ojousan and goth rocker chick. Its pretty obvious that this is based on a shoujo manga cause the rock chick is fierce, independent etc. If this were a shoujo manga, she would be a goth lolita working at a maid cafe and if this were a seinen manga, they would be doing freaky things to each other.

Amost as good as the Hirosue Ryoko or Nacchi pout.....

There are 2 main themes in this movie. The first is friendship. Though its more of a sisterhood thing, its a more subtle friendship characterised more by actions which makes it like a brotherhood thing. What I'm saying is that its not your conventional friendship movie between 2 girls. There's also hints of shoujo-ai or maybe yuri in the movie but nothing really happens.

Hey, its that sleazy long haired doc from Iryu.

Yeah, I'd like to see Nana chan play with Nana chan. hhhmmm

The second aspect of the film is about how two seemingly completely different people are more similar than they seem etc etc. blah blah blah. You get the picture. However, I like the subtlety of how they handle things thought its a decent but not a memorable film. Obviously I'm not of the gender this film is marketed at but goddamn it I had a pretty good time perving at Miyazaki Aoi.

Her performance as Hachi is just straight out of an anime. She's just super perfect for the part, from her pouting to her country innocence. And Ichikawa Yui is going to play Hachi in the sequel. WTF????? Are they out of their mind?? Have they not watched her bloody Kurosagi and Rondo?? Yeah she's been playing ojousans since H2 but she aint got the correct mix of kawaii and innocence. In fact, she has been very boring since H2.


tUrtleAE86 said...

OMG... Ichikawa Yui the new hachi?! Ugh.. totally agree that she's sucked since H2.

Someone needs to give her a more mature role... Or get her to wear more swimsuits... :D

I was looking forward to seeing more Miyazaki Aoi too... x_x

J said...

How dumb is that to change the main actress. Is there any particular reason Miyazaki Aoi isn't going to reprise her role?

It's a bit of a slap in the face to those who liked the way she played the character.

Saint Michael said...

this movie sound similar to Kimikazi girl which star Kyoko Fukada and another chick oh how i love that movie.

Akiramike said...

No idea why they're changing actresses. According to http://wiki.theppn.org/NANA_2_%28film%29, Miyazaki Aoi pulled out cause of the bedroom scenes. Seriously, scripts can be modified and stuff. Ichikawa Yui just doesn't have the bubbly personality to pull it off.