Monday, August 07, 2006

7 things I learned from Gal Circle

This has been the most educational jdorma I've ever seen and I would like to summarise the wisdom contained in the 11 episodes. In general, they're basically advice on how guys/cowboys should educate 17 year old Shibuya girls. I mean the only thing most guys do at Shibuya is fund their education/rent or patronise their enjyo-kosaing....

1) The best way to catch girls is to dig holes in Public Parks.

aka If a girl is dump enough to fall into such a simle trap, she requires sepecial re-education.

2) To teach the importance of life, just hang them from the top of a building

Dun forget to tell them to shi-ne, urusai and that they are mukatsuku.

3) To teach them that no one is useless, it is acceptable to lock them in a basement and gas them with insecticide

Yes the risk of one of them dying of inhalation is insignificant in the face of the greater good of education.

4) To teach them the importance of eating of eating, dump them into a hole, pour water and seeds and starve them until the seeds grow

And strangely enough, Shibuya girls will be thankful to you for holding them captive.

5) nuff said

If I were a monk, I would be specialising in exorcising evil spirits of Shibuya girls.

6) If they still don't value their life, just bury them alive and taunt them...

What is it with cowboys, Shibuya girls and holes?

7) Best way to flush out girls on strike: just gave a sukiyaki party outside..

Goddamn I'm freaking hungry......

On the whole, it was a funny show. Not as funny as it could be but funny enough. My only dissappoinment was the 2nd half of the last episode. The lightning thing as so meh, and I didn't give a fuck about the final revelation.

Hhmm, Toda Erika striking a sexy pose alongside Mari......

But seriously, this is a show that's definitely worth watching. Its got lotsa chicks, laughs and decent story. Would have been nice to see some nice para para dances though. Actually the para para part is prob the weakest part of the show. Maybe they shoulda put Hinoi Team on the show. :)


Craig said...

heh :P that's funny :)

tUrtleAE86 said...

I agree with you that this dorama was enjoyable, but not amazing. It definitely drops off near the end as you can tell that they were low on funds in the idea bank.

Same with the whole Para Para thing. Although it was the platform for the show, it just wasn't holding it's ground.

Aside from that, I really liked Gal Circle. Lots of fun to watch and plenty of eye candy!
I even ordered the visual book from lol
If it's any good, I'll scan it. =]

Akiramike said...

Visual book? What's in it? Costume tests? :)

Yeah, they should have used a few songs to dance para para to, not the generic one that they used throughout the whole series.

Korikki dances better than them. But I had a lot of fun watching it so I shouldn't complain too much.