Sunday, August 20, 2006

Taiyo no Uta (movie)

Yui needs to take pouting lessons from Nacchi....

Wasn't crazy about watching this movie. The premise sounded like someone put Sekachu and Ichi Litre no Namida together. Frankly, I'm bloody bored of the heroine with a deadly disease shows. Its just so tacky, so manipulative, so...... Korean. The dorama is really uninspired and the only reason I'm watching is Sawajiri Erika.

1st rule of Jmovies/dorama: main actress needs a best friend who is not as hot.

However, the movie is definitely better than the dorama, mainly cause of Yui. She brings credibility to the role cause she can actually sing and play the guitar. I have no idea how good Sawajiri Erika is, but she's more of a gravure idol turned actress than singer. Yui's acting in Taiyo no Uta is as bad as Asami Abe's in Hotman 2. But IMO, it sorta works because it gives her a sort of awkwardness. After all, her character doesn't interact much with the world at large. Plus she knows how to act kawaii. (something which all Japanese girls know)

The 'street performances' make it sorta like a movie cum Yui mtv. Plus it ties in with her real life story. The other performances are ok. Of note is the father, played by the main actor from Nanisama. Now that was an average but very enjoyable dorama. The movie has a raw look to it, which gives it a more low budget/indie feel.

The other plus is the same as the Sekachu movie: the end is short and sweet. No beating around the bush. The Sekachu dorama just dragged on and on and on. Needless to say, I will be fast forwarding the last episodes of the Taiyo no Uta dorama.

OMG, the aliens have landed!?

IMO this movie is more to promote her music than to test her acting. If you haven't heard her music yet, this movie is a good intro to her stuff. She's got a good voice and her songs are catchy. Unfortunately, they haven't lasted long on my playlist. She just needs a big hit which can stand up to repeated listening. In the end, I recommend anyone to watch the movie. There's suprisingly little melodrama and I'll have you humming 'Goodbye days' afterwards......

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