Thursday, August 03, 2006

5 reasons to watch Attention Please

1. Ueto Aya

After Ace and Attack No.1, I'm kinda tired of her. Only time she really turned me on was Koukou Kyoushi 2003. Maybe its her great acting in Kinpachi Sensei 6 or the fact that her physical appearance is not 'mature' enough.

Nonetheless, IMO, she carried this show very well doing her typical super genki + gambarimashou act.

2. Yoo Min/ Fueki Yuko

Hottest chick on the show is a Korean? I must be out of my mind. Maybe its not that I find Japanese girls hotter but that I like girls speaking nihongo. hhhhhmmm, maybe I've got a language fetish or something. Or maybe its just because Korean woman + stewardess uniform = win!

Hhm, apparently she acted in a movie last year which she appeared nude.......

3. Aibu Saki

Ah, my favourite actress from Gambatte Ikimashoi. Unfortunately her role as a sidekick in this show is a thankless one. She has her moments but doesn't shine enough. She's cute and has the next door girl image down. Someone just needs to give her a breakthrough role.

4. Uehara Misa

I enjoyed her performance more when she was still squabbling with Euto Aya,

5. Yayoi's dad

There's nothing funnier in doramas than perverted fathers, not to mention a father who can recognise every Air Stewardess who has ever been on the JAL calender. :)

In the end I can't complain this show. Its funny , with decent pacing and of course lots of girls in Cabin Attendant uniforms. whhhhhhhhheeeeeee. If I have one complaint, its that the skirts are too long and the tops are not tight enough!


Anonymous said...

Ueto, not Euto

Akiramike said...


tUrtleAE86 said...

lol.. Yayoi's dad is just like my dad!
At first I really didn't think much of this drama, but I ended up really liking it.

I was hoping to like CA to Oyobi, but I found it pretty boring. -__-
Maybe it feels too fake after seeing two dramas filmed with real airlines?

Akiramike said...

Yayoi's dad is funny. They should have done one episode on his backstory and his fetish for CAs.

I'm glad I didn't download CA to Oyobi then. But the show does have some good looking girls.....

Meruru said...

helo there. you said that foo min plays nude in certain movie. Can you tell me what movie is that? what title? I want to check it. XD