Monday, July 30, 2007

Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu ep 8-11

One of the highlights of the series: Shiho-san singing Ayaya's Nee~~ and then all three singing Renai Revolution 21. Classic HP songs in doramas is a good thing. :)

Unfortunately D-fansubs has dropped this series. Its a shame but if they had not subbed the 1st 6 episodes, I would not have started watching it and I had a great time doing so. Tsuma ga Uwaki is like those 'old' doramas from the late 90's early 2000 era. Solid actors, great supporting cast, well paced main story with at least two interesting/funny side stories interwoven to keep it from being a bore.

Finally understood why the writer didn't make Ishida Yuriko's character more emphatic and IMO, it was a good more.

Nowadays its plenty of bishounen who can't act, actresses who are not ready to carry shows and crappy scripts. Of course, the fact that subbed jdoramas were not so available also meant that mostly the good shows get subbed but a lot of the new shows seem to lack the formula of a decent show. Name one good boy meets girl show in the last two years (KDO notwithstanding). Its the basic storyline of 99% of shows yet they just can't churn a decent one.

Love the look on Dodoh's face when he realises that things can never go back to where they were....

Its hard to describe how good or solid the writing is. Like how towards the end they slowly bring the side stories to a close while at the same time nurturing the main story to its climax. Like how the characters all go through a journey and they're not there for the sack of being there. Or like how after Dodoh finally said what he wanted to say and then he realised that he can never forgive his wife. The flash to his wife's former lover's face and the look in his eyes say more than a long monologue.

Too bad the Tomosaka Rie plotline didn't take the detour I hoped it would..

I'm going to hold off burning the series in the faint hope that someone picks it up. Its pretty watchable without subs especially with the subs from the 1st 6 episodes. I have to say so far its the best show I've watched this year. Karei-naru Ichizoku and Watashitachi no Kyokasho unfortunately had crap endings. Still waiting on final ep of Liar Game. If you're feeling the shows this year have been inconsistent, this is the dorama for you.

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