Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm eps 1-3

This is one weird show. Weird as in one would expect a story like this to be more fitting for a morning dorama. Basically the show is about 6 students who go to this farm in Hokkaido for their training and tells about their trials and tribulations in taking care of cows. In some ways it reminds me of Boku no Aruku Michi except not as entertaining.

Cause end of the day, its about cows. What's the big deal about a cow having to be put down cause she can't produce milk anymore. How many cows are slaughtered all over the world everyday for our consumption? Trying to make stuff like this the crux of the stories is so lame.

Why are we in a dorama about cows instead of OLs?

So why am I watching this show? Simple. Toda Erika + Aibu Saki + Karina. I can't fucking believe they've managed to gather 3 of my favourite actresses together in one show! To me, its like an all star cast. Unfortunately, it had to be a show about cows. At least there's scenes of the ladies milking... :)


Of course they're a disfunctional group. What story would there be if everyone got along? Takashi is heir to the farm but wants to forge his own path. Tohei is the good guy who feels neglected. Karina is the ojousan, which is completely opposite of her character in Boku no Aruku Michi. Aibu Saki is the kawaii one who has the hots for Takashi and Toda Erika is your typical nice girl.

What if Ushi ni Negai is the bonus ep of Liar Game where whoever has more cows in the end wins?

However, all the farming stuff takes centre stage. There's the love triangle subplot and Takashi and Tohei's fight to be the alpha male but they seem to be side plots to the main story of why calves must be separated from their mother after birth, to electric fence or not to electric fence etc. It feels like the characters are there to show cow rearing in Hokkaido rather than the setting being the means to explore the 6 characters. However, I'm sticking to the series for the ladies and hopefully the story will pick up when they run out of farming activities to bore the audience with.

Aibu Saki can milk me any time!


Jung said...

"What if Ushi ni Negai is the bonus ep of Liar Game where whoever has more cows in the end wins?"

lmao you're too funny!

Hey I think I like Aibu Saki more than Toda Erika... (and maybe saying this will get FBI off my back, since Aibu is like 22...)

I guess I'll have to give them some brownie points for trying something different. It's kind of like "Orange Day: Farm Edition" Except the script is unsophisticated, corny, and preachy.

Toda Erica seems like she's still trying to shake off her Liar Game character. I'm sure the similarities in the characters was an unfortunate coincidence, as was for Karina who played somewhat similar ice queen in the Bambino.

Like you, I will stick with this series for the same lame reason. But this definitely isn't a keeper.

Akiramike said...

Lol. Orange Days: Farm Edition is a damn good description for this show.

Anonymous said...

I like this drama. it's not a keeper, but I like it enough to keep watching it. My favorite chracter is the elder son. He's a really cool guy that seems to don't give a crap...haha. I don't want j-dramas to be like Korean where it's a pretty boy fest, but j-drama should definitely use better looking guys. J guy have this rugged and tough coolness to them. His little sister is super kawaii as well...too bad her role is too small. Wished they made this into an incest thing...haha.

Jung said...