Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ungrateful leechers

In case you haven't heard, lsqB has dropped Papa to Musume Nanokakan. Not to fret though, Aoi-haru and minnilu are picking up the series for the remaining three episodes. What is shocking though are the fans who are claiming she is irresponsible for dropping the series. I can't believe there exists such people who think fansubbers owe them a duty to finish subbing their series.

Seriously, I fail to see how people can justify bitching and moaning when someone who spends their free time working for the benefit of others decides that they can no longer afford to do so. Its not like we payed isqB to sub for us. She subbed Papa to Musume for FREE. Is it so hard to say thank you and get on with your life?

It really saddens me to see that people still try to criticize her amidst their thank yous. Its like saying I appreciate all the free effort you have given but you should sacrifice all your free time for me even if you no longer provide motivation to provide a free service that has no benefit at all to you for my enjoyment.

If people like to bitch and moan so much, they should just go sub some jdoramas themselves.


cloudy-b said...

Totally agree!

Jung said...

Some people are just spoiled rotten... and I'm guessing those who complain are mostly young teens who have some more maturing to do.

When I subbed a few episodes kekkon (and slow dance), it took 5-8 hours to translate each episode, even with a timed file. Subbing takes longer than people think and it is a largely thankless work.

And to make matters worse, there was this asshole who was selling burned jdoramas with my sub and others from d-addicts. wtf!!?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you ! Can't believe people dare to bitch about it. I know that's a hard blow to know you may not watch the end of a drama you like, but really, she had no duties.
Subbing is a hard task really. And japanese isn't the easiest language to learn.
If people want to understand and watch dramas no matter what, they should buy books and start learning japanese.

Aaron-SaMa said...

Stupid assholes! anyway mike, got my japanese feeling back after meeting up with those girls heheheh !!

Will said...


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iampeter said...

its very sad to see this happen. after all the drama i have seen it wouldn't have been possible without these fansubbers.

really really sad :(

love your blog as usual though, always the good eye candy and reviews ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, some complaints are way out of line, but there're a few who're just questioning her reasons for quitting in the middle of a project. Sure it's free and she's not obligated, but as with community service/charity work you just don't stop in the middle of an engagement because you're no longer 'motivated'; any responsible person would have completed the work before quitting. People won't complain if she has legitimate reasons like health or work-related, etc.. That said, I think she may not be telling the whole story and there's probably some other compelling reasons for her actions.