Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yama Onna Kabe Onna eps 1-4

There are two jdorama actresses which I really dislike. Both for their wooden acting and the fact that they are main actresses for so many shows. The first time you see a beautiful actress, you're just happy to watch them act. The second series, you start to notice their acting. By the third series, if their acting really sucks, you can surmise that they probably do a lot of sucking to get their roles.

For a show about mountains, I see a lot of airports.

Yes, I'm talking about Itoh Misaki and Fukada Kyoko. Itoh Misaki is good for a supporting act. That's it. Densha was her role of a lifetime. She doesn't have screen presence and can't act. Maybe she has something that makes female viewers like her. I don't know.

Gratuitous oppai shot no. 385

Fukada Kyoko is a horrible actress. SOS and To Heart showed how one dimensional her acting is and Otousan really showed how bad she was compared to the other actresses on the show. Yeah, she has a reputation as a very nice person but there are so many actresses who can act rings around her.

Yeah Meccha Holiday! Every jdorama should have a karaoke scene with Ayaya's songs. Hhm, this reminds me of the infamous clip of Ayaya's tube top falling off. :)

I should have stayed far, far away from this show. But the premise of the show about two women with completely different breast sizes was too much to resist. ( no matter how bad the acting was). The acting is bad. FFS they could have easily replaced Fukada Kyoko with a gravure idol. Isoyama Sayaka would have been a perfect fit. Or even Hanai Miri.

Koike Eiko is probably the only hot actress on the show.

The only reason I've survived four episodes is the gratuitous cleavage/boob shots. I have never seen so many cleavage shots, not even in midnight doramas. (JAV doesn't count) There's something about watching girls looking at each other's breasts. Its like going to a strip club and watching girls looking at other girls stripping.

Sorry, was I staring?

This show would have been so much better as a midnight dorama with gravure/AV idols instead of actresses with paddings and push ups. Its pretty obvious that they use 'stunt' doubles for the close ups. If you like watermelons, give this show a try as shows about oppai don't come so often.


cloudy-b said...

Eiko is so hot.

Jung said...

Iono I kinda lika Misaki itoh in this drama... she has loosened up a lot, and her acting has improved for sure. I guess you have to have some self deprecating humor to take a role like this, and she's doing a pretty good job.

I'm no fan of Fukada either, but iono, she's cute in this drama as a supporting role... After losing a bit of her chubbiness, she is looking better than ever.

I really liked the first ep. It had a lot of creative stuff going on that clearly showed how hard the writers worked. But then it went downhill.

But hey, what is up with all the Yama reference in doramas this season? Yama onna, Yamada story, and there was another drama mentioning Yamada... Is there some kind of superstitious stuff going on I'm not aware of?

Akiramike said...

Itoh Misaki's improved but she's definitely a long way from main actress material, though the same could be said for many. Nakama Yukie would have been perfect for the role of Kabe Onna.

I can't stand Fukada. Chalk that up to having watched too many of her shows.

As for the Yama stuff this season... maybe its just coincidence.

Eiko is hot cause she has the best looking real cleavage among the actresses.

iampeter said...

I dont think i consider Misaki itoh an actress anymore after watching her suffer in Suppli and the bad chemistry she had with Kamenashi Kazuya. But my way of looking at Misaki is that she isn't acting, she is just acting how she normally is and just has elements added from the script (which could explain her range). She suffers poorly in romance, but does bearable performances in something like Kabe Onna.

I haven't seen anything with fukada since Kamesama Mou Sukoshi Dake. I was amazed how differently she looks now! looks and acts completely different.

I hope you don't mind, but i added your blog as a favorite of mine on my own blog. your blog inspired mine ;p

Anonymous said...

Itoh Misaki's performance isn't very surprising and i wasn't expecting much. Well in comparison with the crap she did in Kiken na aneki or You're under arrest, I would have to say she's doing as fine as possible.
Sure Nakama Yukie would have been perfect, but after 3 season of Trick that would have been a bit repetitive, no ?
I really liked the first episode. But the drama is getting more and more boring... The breasts jokes can't be funny more than one or two episodes and bag sales are even less interesting than cows imho.

Data said...

I too had my doubts about Ito and Fukada helming a show, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. This can only show just how crucial it is for actors to choose carefully what shows and roles they take on, just as it is for singers to choose what type of songs to sing. Nobody expects a singer, no matter how good his/her skills, to sing every type of song equally well. Yes, Fukada may not earn any acting awards, but is there anyone who plays the cute ditzy girl better? Ito's domain is not so well-defined, but clearly she's more suited for comedic, self-deprecating roles.

PS Isoyama Sayaka as Mariya Marie? Eh... I've watched 2nd House, a much less demanding show in terms of acting, and she was just terrible. She may be a nice person, gungho and all, but she's going to have to improve if she wants to go into acting.

Anonymous said...

I also like Ito Misaki in this drama. I didn't like her before (even in Densha), but this drama shows she has a flair for physical comedy. Yes, the show did go downhill after the 1st 2 episodes, but it's no worse than watching an average US sitcom imo, and I'll take this over cows anytime.