Monday, July 16, 2007

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan eps 1+2

Hilarious comedy with Aragaki Yui. (Do you need any other reasons to watch this?) Aragaki Yui plays Koume, your typical handphone crazy joushikousei who dislike her father. Tachi Hiroshi plays her father, your typical salaryman who has become invisible to everyone around him and who's only hobby seems to be watching old videos of Koume.

One day on a train ride, both of them end up swapping bodies and hilarity ensues. First thing I've gotta say is that the concept of the invisible salaryman/father needs to be explored more in jdoramas. Too much shows about how tough it is being a housewife. What about the poor salaryman who is basically a slave to his work and is taken for granted?

My, what a big mouth you have.....

I've never seen Tachi Hiroshi before but he is a good casting choice. He is convincing playing the high school girl trapped in an old man's body. He's even got that exaggerated stupid smile. On the other hand Aragaki Yui is not so convincing. Maybe they should have cast Masakazu Tamura as her father as he has a distinct way of talking and all Yui has to do is just parody it. Except he's old enough to play her grandfather by now.

What guy wouldn't want to be in the father's body in this pic. :)

It would have helped sell the fact that the father is in Koume's body by having him/her dressed up much less feminine at home. Maybe they should have made the father a more macho type so that Yui can play on that in her acting. But this is just me nitpicking.

Love the carrying the bench but. :)

This show fucking rocks. Its super funny and the pacing is fast. Sentimental scenes are minimal and its just lots of gags and situational comedy. Not to mention the fact that its just 7 episodes. Yes, they concept is comedy gold but a shorter series means that they can keep the script tight and not have to drag in order to pad up the required episodes. I hope to see more series that shy away from just doing the usual 10-12 episodes and instead let the story determine who long it should go for.

Hhhmm, Aragaki Yui. Wait, I shouldn't be drooling at the dad.... I'm so confused..

I have to say its kinda difficult perving at Aragaki Yui, especially when the father's voice is talking. And I don't understand Koume not wanting her father to see her naked body thing. Does he not have to go to toilet? Just ignore my negative comments and catch this show. Its always easier to winge about a show than to find adjectives to praise it. I had a blast watching the first two episodes and was laughing all the way through!

If Koume in her dad's body ends up banging Nishino (Sada Mayumi), is that lesbian sex? Just food for thought. :)


Anonymous said...

Yup, this show is hilarious and I enjoyed it very much as well. Tachi Hiroshi is really a standout here and he definitely outshines Aragaki Yui so far.

Like you, I'm glad that it's only 7 episodes long because the humour is very situational and it would probably end up being too draggy if it's a normal 11 episode drama.

Overall, this show is my top 3 favourites this season, alongside First Kiss and Hotaru no Hikari.

Jung said...

There have been shows like this before, so I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about it. Thankfully, my concern wasn't washed away immediately once I started watching.

This show has some nice attention to details, and it's apparent that director and writer brainstormed hard to come up with different situations. Like the scene where those two were hopping into to the taxi after being released from the hospital, and they were temporarily confused about who sits in the front and back. lol

i agree the guy playing the Dad is great. I wonder if the director makes the actors swap lines and practice as if their bodies weren't swapped. So they can observe how one another would act.

I do agree Aragaki is less convincing, but it doesn't bother me. I liked the expression on her face when she was staring at the beer... biru biru biru

Akiramike said...

Oh yeah, gotta love the biru biru scene. She should have sneaked in some beer for the poor dad.

Jason said...

I wonder if you have watched that Singapore movie "Just follow Law" yet?

cloudy-b said...

I loved the part where the mama got drunk and the daughter (in papa's body) was lying on the bed hoping she would just go to sleep.