Monday, July 02, 2007

Jdorama Review: Golden Bowl

Currently waiting on the subs for the last ep of the shows that I'm watching so I'll wait until the end before commenting on them. After all, its the ending that makes or breaks a show. I've been copying my old show and I just can't help rewatching the golden oldies. Yes, this was from a time before d-addicts. When Jem was probably the biggest jdorama tracker. It was the time when most shows were either from Hawaii or Singapore tv and posted on newsgroups. The good old days when bt was at its infancy and irc was still the best place to get stuff.

Can't believe Kuroki Hitomi was 42 when she did this show.

Golden Bowl is two stories in one. Its a sports drama and show about a married woman-younger man.What makes this show so good is two things: chemistry and script. Its damn fun watching Akutagawa (Kaneshiro Takeshi) and Hitomi (Kuroki Hitomi) bicker througout the whole show. The younger man genre only works when their chemistry so that the audience can accept the age difference and the guy doesn't look like he just reached puberty. (See Suppli, Majou no Jouken etc)

Cat fight!

The script is amazing. You know who every episode is going to turn out. It always ends in a bowling match with Akutagawa having to do a spare. What is great is that the formation of remaining pins is always connected to the episodes story. This dorama truly shows that its not the ending but how the get to the ending that counts.

Love all those slow mo/sychronise bowling poses.

Plus, there's plenty of side stories to ensure that the pacing is fast. There's Hitomi's marital problems, Akutagawa's history, the bartender and prostitue single mom (Enomoto Kanako) and Matsumoto Rio's infatuation with Akutagawa. However, the people I have passed this show on to have not been so crazy about it but its definitely in my top 10 best jdoramas ever. Its the type of show we hardly ever see anymore, good acting, good script, good supporting cast, and although everyone knows how the last episode is going to end, its still very gripping because the characters are well fleshed out.

Only minor complaint is that the 'old' Hitomi is nowhere as hot as Kuroki Hitomi. And I remember all the hair pulling when the last episode ran long and Jem did not have enough HD to copy the show and was missing the last 10 minutes. Luckily someone taped the show and managed to send it to him . You'll notice that the quality of the last 10 minutes of the last ep is not as good but for a moment there, we were in danger of not being able to see the end.

Umemiya Masako in one of the most memorable scenes of the show. :)

On a final note, back up your jdoramas every 4-5 years and make at least 2 copies of your favourites. I can't fucking believe I've lost Beauty or Beast. Should have made an extra copy. :(


Jung said...

I enjoyed watching Golden Bowl and I agree the chemistry between Kaneshiro and Kuroki was great. Maybe they had something going on off the set. lol

I thought the chemistry between Tackey and Matsushima was very good! Just like GB is your top 10, Majou no Jouken is in my top 10, thanks in part to Matsushima and Utada's sappy music.

Haha I don't miss those old VCD days at all... Hallelujah to HV, I mean HD! In fact, don't bother with 704x396. 1024x568 minimum!

Anonymous said...

you are so true when it comes to the good points of this series. Lately i have been on the hunt for dramas that feature amazing chemistry between the leads and its been a bit slim. I really like how Golden Bowl turned out

Akiramike said...

I knew Majou no Jouken wasn't the show for me when they did the shot of Tackey sitting under the sakura tree. (His acting has never improved) Plus they overused First Love to the point I couldn't bear it anymore. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

Aaron-SaMa said...

i expected you to post the mistress' pic at the pool, if i'm not wrong it is in the 4th episode =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, there.
I am just a nobody who has ( I can't remember how, but I guess it has to do with your girls found your blog and I enjoy your entries really.
Thx for leading me to this show.
Golden bowl.
I've just finished it and really great stuff.This one really shines in every part.
You were right.

Peace, take care.