Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ueto Aya is seriously miscast in this show. Moving from shoujo doramas to playing a career woman is a huge step and no matter how much she curls her hair, she still looks too young to be playing the assistant manager of a hotel. She could put on a sailor fukuu and still be convincing as a high school student.

Doramas should stop spreading lies like money does not buy happiness.

Hotelier is based on a Korean drama and many of the hallmarks of Korean shows can be found here. Two guys vying for our heroine's attention. Rich kids who do not appreciate the free wealth they are given. Someone's always coincidentally catching two people alone together thus creating 101 misunderstandings. All I can say is thank god for fast forward.


For me, the highlight of the show is watching Fueki Yuko/Yoo Min in her tight and short OL outfits. Yes, she's Euto Aya's rival from Attention Please. Normally I'm not too much into Korean actresses but she clearly stands out from Euto Aya and Saeko. It would have been better off casting her as the main lead.

If only they had given more story for her character and Morimoto. All Morimoto does is going around slapping women. I want to know why she's so loyal to him despite it being an abusive relationship. Maybe he's the S and she's the M. Not to mention her maternal feelings for Saeko. Unfortunately Morimoto is your generic dad who's daughter does not appreciate the wealth he has bestowed on her. They could have made his character so much more. Dysfunctional family relationships are much more fun.

Unfortunately we are stuck with Euto Aya crying every episode and generic characters. Avoid unless you want to see Yoo Min running around in her tight skirts. :)


Jung said...

Mmm Yoo min... and her short tight skirt... couldn't save this drama. I axed it after a few eps. Agree Ueto looks too young, even though she's 22... Also, I think another problem with this drama is the evil-eyed Oikawa Mitsuhiro. He is not really convincing as a corporate hostile takeover specialist; maybe a gay beautician. Takenouchi Yutaka would've been far more convincing, but he's too good to be in thinly scripted show like this one.

More emphasis should've been given to the hostile takeover process and also the challenges of running a money losing business. In these respects, the show was very dumbed down. Though not my favorite, Korean Hotelier was much better, with far better cast and script.

Anonymous said...

Saw it long ago. Don't remember anything, but I'm sure it sucked since I didn't stick to watching it.

Did you watch Bambino by any chance? Not sure if you mentioned it, but I thought it was pretty good. On the same level as the show it the autistic guy from that pop group. Not a keeper, but good.

tUrtleAE86 said...

Bambino is on the same level as Boku no Aruku Michi?!


Anonymous said...

^LOL. That's really an insult to Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

Speaking of Hotelier, I couldn't even finish watching the first episode. It's just another mediocre drama by Ueto Aya.

Anonymous said...

ha! I'm the guy who said "on the same level...". I'm saying that it's a good entertainment, but not a keeper. I'd enjoyed "Boku no Aruku Michi" and "Bambino", but I wouldn't keep them to watch later.

Akiramike said...

No way Bambino can be as good as Boku no Aruku Michi, not that I've watched it anyway. So Bambino is entertaining eh? I wouldn't mind watching for Karina. :)

Speaking of Takenouchi Yutaka, its not like Rondo had a solid script though that show's main problem was the crappy direction for the action scenes.

Mike said...

fueki yuko is japanese. she just acted in some korean movies and dramas. yoomin is just the korean name she adopted.

Anonymous said...

i thought that too..fueki yuko is japanese and went across to korea, made it big there.