Sunday, April 16, 2006

Abe Natsumi - Sweet Holic

Nacchi's 2nd single of the year. Technically, its a pretty catchy song. The problem is its just not memorable. It just doesn't sound like an HP song. That being said, Nacchi's best solo song is still 'Otoko Tomodachi'. The rest of her solo stuff have been pretty forgettable and this is no exception.

I think the backup singers singing along with her spoils the song. This is Nacchi singing, not her sister. No need to cover up her voice. I mean no one can sing Furusato like she can. Sure she's not in Ayaya's league voice-wise but she still got a pretty good voice.

I think the PV is has subplanted Yuko's Get Along With You as HP's cheapest to produce PV ever. The whole PV is basically a face shot of Nacchi that sorta moves from side to side as she sings the song. (Not that I'm complaining)

Hhhmm, what's that I spy with my eye? Truly less is more...

Of note is of course Nacchi's cleavage. She's wearing a pink bra and you can see the top of her enticing cleavage. (IMO, she's wearing a push up) I'm watching the PV and screaming at the goddamn cameraman to go lower. For God's sake, share the view with the rest of the world! Hhmm, I wonder if Nacchi's wearing the same outfit for her live performances. :)

Through my years of being a Momusu-addict I've never been obsessed with Nacchi's cleavage until now. I guess it was because everyone knew Kago had the biggest pair. Maybe Nacchi's praying for me to save her from the evil clutches of Tsunku. :)

Nacchi's greatest weakness when compared to Ayaya is that Ayaya can make mediocre songs sound great. Tsunku needs to get back to his hallucanegenics and write some crazy and fun songs again or give a call to whoever wrote Asami Abe's songs.


acetonic said...

I think Nacci is sitting in one of these "Mod Ball Chairs"
Perhaps the kind that hangs from the ceiling like a swing. I really hope there is another version of this PV as this one seems like the "close up" and not the real one. Hooray for cleavage!

Akiramike said...

Woah, the great Acetonic? Thanks for all your video subs back in the day.

I wouldn't mind a close of Nacchi's cleavge too.