Thursday, May 04, 2006

All Japan GT RQ

Just got five DVDs of gravures from Druggy today and its going to take me some time to enjoy them all. 2 months ago I expressed dissappointment at Sabra's RQ dvd and Druggy said wait till I watch the All Japan one.

Basically this whole video is a collection of upskirt and super close-ups of RQs. When I say super close-ups I mean really close and views that we usually can only dream of.

Take the above two pics for example. Its almost criminal how the cameramen can continue to prod their cameras up the skirts and the girls can't do anything expect pull on their too short skirst and squeel 'yamete' or 'hazukashi'. Ahem.

Probably the best looking RQ in this vid. Hard to tell cause the camera was focus on anything other than faces.

She looks sorta like Koyuki with shorter hair. What? You want more upskirt pics? I felt kinda guilty watching the poor girls getting violated by cameras. I mean the cameras were like 5cm from the girls' asses while they walked around in their super tight RQ clothes.

I mean this is not one of those staged upskirt vids. This is real stuff. The funny thing is the girls look much better than the ones in the Sabra RQ dvd. And I'm pretty sure cameramen cannot behave inappropriately to carshow girls.

Maybe the pay as a grid girls is much higher? Notice all the dudes kneeling down, waiting for a gust of wind to get their upskirt. Someone said pleasure's no fun without guilt. Still this is not as bad as the momusu stalker videos. And nowhere as exciting. :)

Hhmm, I wonder if I still have that momusu stalker vid somewhere. I remember it followed Maki or was it Yossi around and had Kgo/Tsuji in school. Must have been like 5 years ago or something........

Sigh, wtf am I getting some sort of attack of conscience. I never even knew I had one. Must be old age.....

Big thanks to Druggy for taking to effort to burn 5 dvds 4 me. You've got free yam cha and two jugs of beer anytime you finally decide to come back down under! And I can't wait to get Isoyama Sayaka's choo choo from Loong. :)


Druggy said...

What??? Just 2 glasses of beer and a yum cha? I was hoping for a nice steak dinner. Ah well, its better than nothing....

Akiramike said...

You want all you can eat steak is it? NP.