Monday, May 08, 2006

Koi Seya Otome ep 1

I'm not really interested in talking about this dorama. Its more to do with how super chou kawaii Sakai Wakana is desu! OMFG, its like she bloody walked straight out from some anime show. I knew I'd seen her before and yes, she was Yusuke's mom in Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. I mean look at the above pic. She's as kawaii as any 20+ year old can be without being Ogura Yuko. (Ogura Yuko never counts as she is god's gift to otakus)

And she was in Home and Away! (No, not the Aussie soap) Seriously, I had completely forgotten about that dorama. Its very fucking well written, only let down by a crappy ending. It was my first Nakayama Miho dorama. If you are a dorama addict, I highly recommend it. Its probably one of the least known doramas out there cause it came out early in Jem's site, something like 5 year ago......

Kakei Toshio is in it as well and he was super funny in Yamato Nadeshiko. Though I doubt they'll let him be as crazy as his character in that show. Everytime he's on screen I'm just waiting for him to do some physical comedy.

Back to Sakai Wakana, she's sorta like how I'd imagine Kago Ai to be in a few years. Bijin but still retaining the kawaiiness and genkiness. She needs to be in more doramas. She's fucking perfect to play the super kawaii, brainless best friend. I can so see her playing Hirose Ryoko's role in Slow Dance. The other girls in this dorama sux. There's Yamaguchi Ayumi but glasses just don't fit her face.

400+ megs for an hour an hour dorama is a lot but I was pretty entertained by ep 1. IMO, doramas that dun have much story to tell should be kept to 30 minsor 7/8 eps. *cough* boku dake no madonna *cough*

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