Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 1+2

Ah, what a great week of jdorama. So much to talk about and so little time. In this dorama, Abe Hiroshi plays a sorta anti-social 40 year old bachelor. Like always his acting is superb and his potrayal of the cranky and stubborn Shinsuke is a joy to watch. And I can really understand his desire for meat, being a carnivor myself. Watching him eat all that steak ad yakinuku was almost too much to bear.

The Aoi Tori MILF. 9 years on, still a MILF. Ep 7 of Aoi Tori is one of the most shocking/exciting eps ever........

Natsukawa Yui, who fans will remember as the mother from Aoi Tori plays Shinsuke's doctor. Speaking of doctors, the ending of episode 1 is one of the funniest and scariest scenes ever. It is something no one should ever go through.


But the beacon of shining light for me in this show is Kuninaka Ryoko who apparently was in the Densha movie. Anyway she is so fucking kawaii!!!!!!!!! OMFG, why didn't I download Brother Beat? And pictures dun do her justice. Seriously, OMFG Euto Aya is nothing compared to her.

Shinsuke look like he's going to do something bad. hehe

Aaaaaaargggggh, I wanna get ep 3 but gotta finish getting Gal Circle first. And yes, there are no subs yet though someone has done the timing. Quite a lot of the dialogue is hard to get, especially the stuff about architecture and medical terms. But there are a lot of funny scenes and I could follow the story with my crappy Japanese.

Every man dreams of a neighbour like this but sadly they only appear in doramas.

Storyline wise, this show cannot fail. Except for the ending. If they give me an inconclusive ending, someone is going die......

Hhhmm, I love women who love mangas. Its funny that the doctor is reading Dr. Blackjack. I wonder wut shoujo manga Ryoko is reading?

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