Friday, July 14, 2006

Primadam 4-11

When Manda's husband went over to the dark side, I knew this show was going downhill. In the end, instead of being the housewife version of Shall We Dansu, its more like Swing Girls, but not as fun. By ep 5 the character journey for Kuroki Hitomi's character had ended. There are no more obstacles for her to go through.

The the 2nd half of the show was more about Nakamori Akina's character. I just find her to be the weakest part of the show. Her face is fake and more so her acting. I know that one should not complain about 'fake' when talking about J-entertainment but she just gets on my nerves.

Kinda enjoyed the documentary type footage of their training. Watching the 2nd half, its more like the whole reason for the show was just for Kuroki Hitomi to show how grace her 46 year old body can be. And the final performance? ZZzzzzzzzzz...... Only made me want to watch the Swing Girls concert.


turtle said...

Hmmm... Looks like I might have to pass on finishing this series. -_-

Oddly enough, I just watched Swing Girls a few weeks ago. Great movie. Ueno Juri's great, too.

Watched Gal Circle? Furuta Arata was downright hilarious in that.

Akiramike said...

I recommend Swing Girls: First and Last concert if u can get ur hands on it. Their performance sux but in a good way ie only in movies can ppl become good musicians in a few months.

Ueno Juri's got to be one of the most promising young actresses I've ever seen. And to think she only got such a minor role in Orange Days.

Gal circle? OMFG, how can I have missed out on this show?