Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jdorama review: Haruka 17 eps 2-4

I'd have to say ep 2 is the most eye candy filled jdorama ep I've ever seen, yes even more than Stand Up! Haruka joins an audition to choose the main actress for a movie so we get lots of hot chicks, swimsuits and catfights. :) I think its better to let the pics do the talking.

What's Haruka doing holding a half naked girl's bra? Why is the chick in the back smiling? I'm sure my fellow sukebes can imagine quite a few scenarios.

Another pic of Hirayama Aya that I could not resist taking a snapshot of. God, she is so fucking hot. I should revise my top 10 gf list.....

I was a bit let down with the lack of fan service in eps 3 and 4. The series is getting a stronger shoujou tone which I don't really enjoy. Still, its not as bad as Ace wo Narae. Furuta Shinta does a great job as Haruka's boss. The funniest bits in the series are the /japanese korean dorama spoofs with horrible acting and dubbing. It looks like ep 6 will spoof waterboys. I'm hoping they'll spoof some classic jdoramas.

More Hirayama Aya. Yes I know there are a other girls in this series but the pale in camparison to Aya-chan. And her crooked teeth make her smile more kawaii. To check out the other chicks in the series go to:

How I wish I were the dog. :)

Who's that grabbing Haruka's breasts and doesn't she look like Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume? Why is Haruka grimacing in pain? Where can I sign up to join these two ladies in fondling? What's going to happen after this? Watch ep 4 to find out. :)

On a sad note, the ratings of Haruka 17 have been going down and ep 4 was at 7.1%. I hope too this does not affect the chances of Hirayama Aya being the lead actress in more doramas. She has shown that she can act and should not be relegated to stereotypical supporting roles.

Props to junkboy77 and massaru for uploading for the series.


Anonymous said...

Haruka definitely feels "Manga-girl"ish doesn't she!


Akiramike said...

Yeah, she definitely has the range of facial expressions. Euto Aya seems to be the designated manga-girl having done Ace no Narae and Attack No. 1 but I find Hirayama Aya a much more versatile actress.