Monday, August 01, 2005

Korean movie review: A Bittersweet Life

Minor Spoilers: Beware. or just scroll down for the good stuff.

Just finish watching 'A Bittersweet Life'. Its about an enforcer who works for his mob boss. Anyways, one day the enforcer's boss tells him to watch over his woman, played by Shin Min-A (the hot chick from Volcano High) . The boss suspects that his woman is cheating on him and orders his enforcer to kill her and the guy when he confirms it.

Of course anyone with half a brain can guess what's going to happen. Yup, the bloody enforcer decides to spare her life and the life of her bf. The boss finds out about it and then for some reason decides to have his enforcer tortured and killed.

Hello, Mob boss? Your enforcer just didn't kill your hot girl. He didn't screw her behind your back. I can't imagine what the boss would have done to our hero if he did actually screw her.

Of course, the enforcer dude escapes and goes for revenge. Sounds ok so far but the main problem with the movie is that it has almost so little character development. The enforcer is suppose to be some stoic fella who never smiles and has been with the mob for the past seven years. The only thing we learn is that he used to be a bodyguard.

That's it? Wtf did he join the mob anyway? How come he quit the bodyguard business? Wtf is with his super serious character?

He supposedly falls in love with Shin Min-A's character but how do they show it? By 1st person views of him perving at her bare shoulders. That's called lust Mr. Enforcer. You work for the mob and run a hotel. You get to perv at hot women everyday. News flash for you - guys perv at any hot chick they can lay their eyes on. It doesn't mean we have to risk our lives for them.

An extra 20 minutes on some character development would have done wonders for this film. Sure, its beautifully shot and directed by the story is too slow in some parts and character pieces are really missing.

If you like your action movies lacking in explanations and character development, this is the movie for you. For me, I think its going to be a long time before Korea makes an action movie to match the greatness of Musa.

Is this the face of a woman worth disobeying your boss, get tortured, have your left hand crushed, get buried alive and risking your life fighting the whole mob by yourself? IMHO, She looked much better with a ponytail in Volcano High though.

Hhhhmmm, Shin Min-A's nice ass. Wait, I think I can see her pantsu! Feel free to click on the image for a bigger version. The highlight of the movie for me. :) They should cut down on the violence in the movie and put in more shots like these.......

Yes director/cinematographer, I can see she's got a fucking hot body with a nice ass and perky set of tits. Couldn't you have put her in the movie for more than 20 freaking minutes out of 2 hours?

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