Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jdorama review: Densha Otoko Ep 6

If you have not seen Densha Otoko, stop reading and get it with softsofts/hardsubbed from d-addicts now or check out for the basic storyline.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The beautiful Itoh Misaki. IMO, they need to show more of her best asset (her legs). She's usually suited for playing supporting characters but here she works very well as Hermes because Hermes is more of a symbol than a character. Hermes represents the sophisticated woman who Otakus don't even dare to dream about. Hermes is the untouchable goddess that no Otaku is worthy of.

By ep 6, Densha's lack of balls is no longer funny. Its getting boring watching his indecisiveness, stuttering and heavy relience on the forums. They need to make him a more serious character and get other ppl to supply the humour.

Shiraishi Miho as the woman who sleeps around and bullies Densha. So far she's done an ok job playing against her usual roles. I'm hoping she comes around and realises that she's expressing her feelings for Densha through her bullying but it doesn't seem it will happen with her now dating/sleeping with Herme's brother.

Too bad Sudo Risa has such a limited role. The more hot chicks the better, I'd say.

Best scene in ep 6 is when the everyone from the forum actually gather together in Benoist's. The best pay off in the drama would be to see the various forum members aid Densha in real life, not just in the forums.

The most exciting event of ep 6: The revelation that the anime seiyuu (played by the super kawaii Koide Soari) is a reader of the Densha forums! If I were the writer I would make Densha end up with her in the end. What better ending for an Otoku than to end up with a kawaii anime seiyuu? Look at the cute pink dress she's wearing. Imagine the cos/roleplaying one could do...........

I just hope that at least her role in the drama won't be minor. We need to see more of Koide Saori!!!!!!!! Itoh Misaki is too tall for Densha anyway. Someone force Fuji TV to put on more Koide Soari!!!!!!

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