Monday, August 08, 2005

Kanno Miho: so beautiful it hurts to look at her......

Stupid Melb weather. It always rains when its time for bball.

Anyways, spent the whole night watching Itoshi Kimi E ep 6-11 raw. Since okumasama dropped the translation I encourage fellow d-addicts to get the raw files. Most of the dialogue is pretty easy to get. As there are no seeders, I used VLC player to watch the 98% completed files. It skips at certain parts but was smooth on the whole.

Itoshi Kimi E is based loosely on the movie Gege (one of my favs). Gege was about about a man who had bechet illness coming to terms with the fact that he would soon lose his sight. (whoever said you don't learn anything from watching dramas) Itoshi Kimi E is more of a boy who just happens to have bechet meets girl story. IMO, the movie had more about accepting one's fate than this 11 ep series had.

This series is notable for two things:

1. Great songs by Naotaro Moriyama. I can't say enough about how fucking good the music is.

2. Kanno Miho

As someone said on d-addicts, Kanno Miho is so beautiful, it hurts to look at her. She's so kirei you'll wish somone could clone her so you could buy one. (hhhmmm..) She's so hot that she's worth going to war over. She's so bijin I wouldn't mind watching a two hour movie of her just talking. Plus, she's got a really sweet voice. Not the forced anime-like voice that more and more actresses seem to be doing. (maybe that's just a side effect of watching too much anime. Girls end up talking like anime characters)

She looks so delicious.... I mean the rice looks delicious.

Another shot of the lovely Kanno Miho with the lucky bastard who got to get it on with Aya Euto in Koukou Kyoushi 2003. Damn, these screen captures don't do Kanno Miho any justice....

Misaki Itoh doing the kawaii pout before she bitch-slaps some poor guy senseless. Her acting has little depth and she should stick to doing supporting character stuff. (Except for comedies like Densha Otoko but I'll get around to reviewing that one later) Acting aside, she's very pleasing to the eyes and has the best legs in Jdorama-land.

Kurotani Tomoka. Probably most known to Jdorama fans as Enzo's ex from Hotman. Her character used to be engaged to our main character. Hhmm, what's the use of getting a hot looking girl when you're blind and can't see her beauty yourself?

Kurotani Tomoka and Kanno Miho face off. Why can't jdoramas follow wrestling and have a girl on girl fight where the objective is to strip the opponent down to their underwear? And secondly, wtf did they have to make Kanno Miho a doctor instead of a nurse? Imagine Kanno in a nurse outfit. Drool............. (Akiramike goes of in search of Kanno Miho as a nurse dorama)

Screencap of random nurse. Does Japan have hot young nurses in their hospitals or is it something that exists in doramas and Avs only? No, I don't have an unhealthy obsession with nurses. I just think its a noble profession that young, beautiful women should get into.

So how good is this Itoshi Kimi E? Since I've watched Gege, comparisons are inevitable. The acting is not as good and the first half is really slow. The pace picks up in the 2nd half and I couldn't stop watching, not even when I finished downloading H2 ep 10. The drama takes a different road from the movie and uses the usual plot devices to make it interesting. I feel its too melodramatic and the writer(s) seem to fear treading the same ground as the movie. My expectations were too high but I'll still give it a good rating for obvious reasons.

In short, girls will enjoy the melodrama and sukebes will just have to content themselves with drooling over Kanno Miho + Misaki Itoh and the music saves it from being a merely watchable dorama.

Extra sukebe info: Kanno Miho did a nude photobook when she was twenty. No I'm not going to tell you where to get it. Just google.

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