Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jdorama review: Haruka 17 ep 1

Haruka 17 is based on a manga and tells the story of a 22 year old nerd-like girl who can't get a job and becomes an idol talent pretending to be 17 years old. Usually the nerd type rolls in doramas are played by Suzuki Anne but I doubt she could have played the idol parts as well. Of course, the main attraction for watching this series is Hirayama Aya. As a former gravure idol, she has had small parts or parts that required her just to be hot so this is her first role that will challenge her acting.

And I'm happy to say that her acting is pretty goood. Granted bad actresses like Fujiwara Norika do ok in comedies but Aya-chan does well in the dramatic parts of ep 1 as well.

Before and after shots of Haruka's boobs which her stylist improves by using tape. (dun ask me how) I was rofl during the scene of the camera crew hearing shouts of yamete and ittai from her change room as the tape is applied. :)

Haruka getting sprayed by water to uh, improve the shot quality.

Didn't enjoy this scene of Haruka being held kicking and screaming as the cameramen take photos of her. Feels too much like a rape scene with her being symbolically raped by the camera. Uugh.

Preview of next episode where she enters a talent contest. Hhmm, this is like a Sabra gravure video with a story. :)

The jokes are really funny (I enjoyed the Winter Sonata spoof) and a show about the idol industry is a refreshing change from your typical boy meets girl dorama. For fellow sukebes, there are plenty of reasons to watch this show. Though it isn't subbed, most of the jokes are pretty easy to get. Currently still stuck getting ep 2. Hope a seeder jumps in soon.


Anonymous said...

OMG you didn't have to say that it was symbolic rape did you :(


Akiramike said...

Well that was the feeling that I was having. It was a very difficult scene for me to watch because it reminds me of those movies with girls doing AV for the 1st time eg Platonic Sex, the Iijima Ai movie.

I mean, one guy was holding her from behind on the bed while the other was taking pictures of her.