Monday, November 10, 2014

Nobunaga Concerto Ep 3

So episode 2 ended with Oguri Shun declaring that he was going to try to live in the warring states period and being in possession of the Japanese history textbook. This is the equivalent of having the sports almanac in Back to the Future. Nobunaga had the perfect handbook as to how to united the country, though the history book lacks in detail of how to win.

And what does Oguri Shun do in episode 3? Does his run away schtick again so he can meet up with A-chan who's 'acting' is probably suitable for this country girl. Yes, stuff happens in the first half of episode 3 that does not flow/make sense from the end of episode 2 just so they can have some 'comedy' with Nobunaga's vassals looking for their lord and Oguri Shun having a 'touching' story with meeting peasants from another territory.

I know its a comedy and I'll even accept Oguri Shun being able to converse with modern Japanese but when scripts lack basic common sense, they have lost my attention. He was running around most of episode 3 not wanting his head to be chopped off when he had the very thing that tells him how not to have his head chopped off. I like the intro music but Nobunaga Concerto is the very antithesis of a smart comedy.


dgundam said...

This shows is just not good. The plot is not good. The comedy bits are just so annoying and it's funny how they had to get a 30 plus oguri shin to star in this show to play as a high school student since they needed the extra ratings

I mean the stupidity of the main character can be explained because he's supposed to be only a high school kid but all I keep seeing is old man oguri shin lol.

I was was watching this for kou and oguri but it's just plain bad that I think I'm going to drop it. Plus I'm hating the tsundere act by kou

Ari Prayoga said...

Shun should just do a second season of Border rather than doing this. How could there hasn't any news yet tbh.