Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maid Cafe CC Ocha Ultra Tsundere

When I saw this piece by Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku, I knew I had to try it. Its been years since I've been to a maid cafe. If you want to eat its better to go to a ramenya, izakaya, Coco Ichi etc. If you want to drink, you get more bang for your buck at girls's bars or snacks.

So I went at 12 when they opened hoping there would be few people but the cafe filled up pretty quick. Looked around the menu and I didn't see ultra tsundere. Asked the girl who wasgoing to kick my ass and its an ura menu item which comes with a drink.

Basically the drink came and it proceeded like what Brian Ashcraft described. At the end, I asked about the photo as seen from the article and was told the photo was separate.

I could have skipped the whole ura menu and gone straight to the photo? I'm not sure you can get the photo without ordering the Ultra Tsundere though. If anyone is interested in getting abused by a maid, this is the menu for you. Just don't order the omurice.

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dgundam said...

im so jealous of ur trip to japan mike. u get to go to so many nice places.
i saw maid cafes when i was there but never really tried them since my japanese is nonexistant and im not much of an otaku XD
went there in may and now i want to go back there again and eat all the good food.
ive been researching about real japanese restaurants in my area and the prices are so expensive.
i remember eating the omakase set at dai sushi in tsukiji fish market for 45$, while restaurants here which arent as good cost 55$ plus the tax and tip in my area it ends up being $70 yikes.

on another note, eeeww kotaku. i stopped going there a while ago since they like doing clickbait and always push an agenda. go to a more objective site~

take care and continue having fun~

Akiramike said...

There are English friendly maid cafes like MaiDreamin which has performances as well. I have yet to go to Tsukiji. Too lazy to get up early. I should drink until morning and go there.