Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Japan pictures so far

Koihime fighting game tournament at Shinjuku West. KSK, my favourite 3rd Strike player was there so I guess Kao TV was involved. Due to the tourney, the Uru4 machines were barren so got many 1v1 games in without interruption. I am so out of practice....

Izakaya with touch screen ordering.

Chicken skin skewers!!!!!!! Yum.

I went to the wrong Aeon cinema looking for Kenshin Kyoto Taika Hen.

With Ogi now gone, good old Fuunji in Shinjuku is my favourite. Yoshi's tsukemen can't even touch this stuff.

Chigasaki station where I went for the Kenshin movies.

Tonkotsu Taizen in Akiba. Very meh.

45 minute queue at Menya Ittou in Shin Koiwa. During this time I decided to look up Girl's Bars and Snacks in Shin Koiwa.

Not as good as Fuunji but pretty good.

Salaryman Kintaro ramen. Lol.

Desperate to find a good Hakata Tonkotsu ramen place, I went to Goten in Yoyogi. Wtf Thai style ramen?

You can see the chart on the left telling you the various hardness you can choose for the ramen. I always go for barikata and kata for the kaedama.

Went for chashumen. Not bad, except the onion aftertaste is too strong. Definitely has the Hakata taste. Anyone who says Gensuke tastes authentic hasn't been to Fukuoka. Sadly, its not close to being as good as Ogi.

Finally I found a decent priced place to drink in Tokyo! Snack Hotaru in Shin Koiwa! 5000 yen for two hours all you can drink shouchu and all you can sing. No stupid service charge and consumption fee.

The trade of is two older ladies and a young girl but all I need is good conversation and karaoke. If you can score over 85 points in karaoke, you get a bottle of shochu which one dude did.

Customers are all old dudes so everyone's singing enka so I stuck to old songs. Went pass two hours but mamasan said she would only charge me for two hours since there weren't many customers and one old dude bought me a whiskey drink. Nice place if you want value for money. I definitely will be back.

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