Friday, July 29, 2005

Fellowship of 419 - ep 5: You Jump, I Jump

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn honour of Druggy who is leaving for his homeland today, I shall recount the CS tale that shall be forever be associated with his honesty, integrity and sense of fair play. Sayonara Druggy, may we meet again on bnet and may you dream about Miri Hanai every night, hehe.

Our story begins one night at our usual cyber cafe. We were playing either 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 on the map glassfloor. Anyway, it was a small map shaped liked an 'S' with two levels of glass as the floor. The two levels of glass floor were easy to break and the fun was making your opponent fall to their death.

However, there were support beams beneath the glass that were much harder to break down and the trick was to make sure you were walking on the support beams. There were various strategies from glass floor including breaking down to the bottom layer and rushing from the bottom level and shooting your opponent from below.

In one game, only Yc and Druggy were left. Only problem was that both had completely destroyed the main corridor (right corridor of above picture). Both levels of glass and support were gone so there was no way to get to the other side.

If I remember correctly, (my memory sucks nowadays, sigh, old age) both had run out of bullets for their main guns and only had their handguns left. I think both had no clear sight of each other and couldn't shoot each other.

Anyways, I suggested that this was a waste of time and they should both jump down to their deaths while shooting each other. The one who dies later wins. Both agreed. I think it was Druggy who said the immortal words 'I jump, u jump'. I began the count....





What Yc saw as he jumped down to his death was Druggy looking down at him from above, laughing. Yc unleashed some futile shots before his body was torn to pieces by the giant fan below. Now, whenever Druggy declared that he was an honest person, we would just say the simple words; I jump, you jump.

To be fair to Druggy, I shall also tell of YC's tale of treachery. We were playing a new map with a swimming pool in the middle. Pipboy and I were playing terrorists and there was a bomb on the map. However, we could not find the bomb site.

Yc said that the bomb site was next to the swimming pool. We ceased fire and Pipboy, carrying the bomb was looking around the swimming pool.

Pipboy: Can't find no freaking bomb site.

Akiramike: You sure there's a bomb site here? (looking around the pool as well)

Yc: Yes, definitely.

Next thing you know, Yc ripped through both of us with his carbine, laughing manically like only Yc can. Maybe Yc's evil personality can be traced to the You Jump, I Jump incident. Maybe he was already a treacherous bastard to begin with. After all, he had betrayed his own country. (inside joke based on true facts) So the lesson of these two stories, boys and girls is that friendship, honesty and fair-play counts for nothing in CS.

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Anonymous said...

Its a lie!!!!! The story above does not resemble any of what happened. I maintain my innocence untill proven guilty. (BWAHAHAHA)

I mean, how can someone see the other when the whole damn corridor has been blowned up to bits? YC jumping was faster then me also as he did not have a missing tab-key like what I had.

This jump was done fair and square! Remove this scandalous materials at once! -Anwar-