Sunday, July 17, 2005

True Story/ Kisah Benar

Two days ago a friend of mine was near a playground. To protect the innocent, my friend shall be unnamed. (let's call him KTS) Anyways, KTS was minding his own business when a girl approached him and wanted to play with his ball. Since there were two balls and he was only playing with one, he said sure.

The girl took his ball and bounced it around, sometimes with her right hand, sometime with her left hand and sometimes with both. She wasn't that proficient at playing his ball but she was very enthusiastic. KTS was wondering why a girl would come to the playground by her lonesome and play his ball. Usually they'll come with a friend or two. Maybe she wanted to release stress. Maybe she was hoping he'll give her his phone no. Maybe she was stalking him.

Said girl handled KTS's ball for like 10-15 minutes before she decided to take off her sweater and continued playing. It seems that she got pretty warmed up playing KTS's ball and might even be sweating. When she had enough, she said thanks, returned his basketball and walked off.

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Anonymous said...

kts had a quarter of an hour to make his move, and all he did was play with his 1 remaining ball.

such oppurtunies can only happen so often in one's lifetime.