Friday, June 24, 2005

Fukada Kyoko sucks

I remember seeing her pictures long, long time ago and thinking she's pretty cute, except her legs are not as shapely.

Then I watched SOS. In SOS Kyoko's brother has a thing for her but she has a thing for another student who was having an affair with his teacher. Sounds interesting right? Yes it does except her acting really sucks. Fukada Kyoko has 2 facial expressions and zero depth in her acting. She's basically a human doll who looks cute in still pictures. She was so bad that she made Uchiyama Rina look good. (Not that Uchiyama Rina is a bad actress but she's pretty mediocre)

Things got worse on my second Kyoko jdorama: To Heart. This time she plays a girl stalking a boxer called Takeda Yuji. How do I remember the character's name after like 3 years? Cause she spent the whole drama series shouting his freaking name. If Fukada Kyoko stalked me like that I would beat her up with the nearest blunt object I can find. Maybe Takeda Yuji (played by Dohtomo Tsuyoshi) was a boxer so didn't fear her as much but any sane man will stay away from a crazy stalker with two facial expressions.

Next was the japanese-korean joint drama: Friends. Such a historic joint production and the best chick to represent Japan was Fukada Kyoko? WTF were they thinking. The only positive thing out of this drama was learning some Korean.

The best proof of Kyoko's suckiness is Otousan. Granted, it was a boring drama but it had Nakatani Miki and Hirosue Ryoko and they both made Fukada Kyoko look like the unlatented bitch she is. I mean, how many directors' and sponsors' dicks did she suck to get these parts and all those commercials?

My hatred for Fukada Kyoko is compunded by the fact that she has 'won' acting awards?! and she's suppose to be quite popular. Take for example her most famous jdorama: Kami sama mou sukoshi dake, playing a girl with aids. Her 2 facial expressions did nothing to get empathy from me. In fact I was hoping her character could die earlier so we could get more Nakama Yuki.

I am never going to watch any more Fukada Kyoko doramas/movies ever again, unless she's playing a supporting role and the main actress is really hot. Shibasaki Kou is probably the only idol who comes close snagging the 'why is this talentless ho in so many freaking dramas' award.

To get over digging up long buried memories of Fukada Kyoko I present Hirayama Aya who can be seen in the Korean movie 'Fighter in the Wind'. Damn she was damn hot in that one. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I kind of argee with you.
First I watched "Kami-sama mou Sukoshi Dake" and saw her there.
The idea of the drama wasn't that stupid. (The soundtrack was amazing, thanks to S.E.N.S and Luna Sea)
But after a while I got tired of all the crying. In the end I thought she was overacting.

Next drama, "Outousan". I didn't really like that drama too much. I thought it was very 'slow'.
As you said. She was more like, the cute girl. Not much more.

And finally "To Heart".
One comment: I'll remember her voice.

Either I have happened to watch bad dramas with her, or she's a bad actress.