Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Initial D, what a disappointment

Haaaaaalelujah!!!!!!!!!! My connection to d-addicts is fixed! The one week of jdorama deprivation is over! Now for long arduous task of catching up. If there's one good thing that came out of this past week is that I learned some new pc stuff.

First, its DHT networking which is trackerless bt! I knew that the suprnova.org group was working on a trackerless bt program but now bitcomet has it. The downside is that its slower and probably uses more resources than normal. But its good news for p2p sharing. The problem would be trackers that keep track of stats. I wonder whether DHT will work without the need for logging in.

Second thing is using proxy servers. Yeah, using proxies has been around for a long time but I never bothered using them until now since I could access everything in uni. Its interesting that you can use proxy to connect to trackers. Now that my life is back in order, I can go back go back to job hunting..... probably later tonight.

Watched the Initial D movie yesterday and I must say it really is a disappointing movie. Did the freaking directors actually watched the anime or did they only read the manga? The anime is good because of 3 things: CG cars, really cool driving tactics and GREAT EURO TECHNO POP MUSIC. With a budet of US$12 million, you would think that they could at least afford some decent bass thumping music during the racing scenes.

The whole movie I was just waiting for some cool music to play during the races thinking maybe there saving the music for the last great race. Such an oversight is really unforgivable. Even putting some cheesy Yuki Hsu music would be better than the ones they had in the movie.

Secondly, the only 'trick' that they had in the movie was the tires in the drain one. Even then, it wasn't that obvious. With s many races in the movie they could have added the tire of the drain trick or the switch of headlights thing or even the use the leaves to drift thing. The thing about racing movies, if there is no trick, visually its not as exciting.

The saving grace of the movie is Anthony Wong playing the father and Suzuki Anne who was dubbed in cantonese. After watching Korean movies set in Japan with Korean actors speaking decent Japanese its sad to see HK actors playing japanese speaking in cantonese. I mean Jow Chow probably has like 20 lines in the movie. It would be so easy for him to memorise his lines in Japanese and a cute japanese girl speaking cantonese is just plain wrong. If the Koreans can do it, we chinese should be able to as well. Well, at least they didn't have japanese speaking japanese and hkers replaying in cantonese as if they are wearing some universal translator like in Star Trek.

Fun note: I noticed 'Kuma' from Gokusen in there as well, though he was only in the background scenes.

recommended song of the day: Abaredasu by Ulfuls. Gets better everytime I listen to it.

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