Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Miidera Temple in Otsu

Went to Otsu station to meet up with Miho.

She messaged that she had arrived at the station but I couldn't see her.

Next message was the meeting place is Otsukyou Station 大津京駅 not 大津駅! The word baka may or may not have been used.

Luckily the Tim Tams I brought helped with my apology. Good thing I didn't bring vegemite.

I always make mistakes whenever I read Japanese too fast.

A lof of freaking cars.

We ended up parking in front of a super 10 minutes away and walking to Miidera.

Everyone was trying to park at temple grounds.

Kenshin was shot here.

Had a look around, went to a kisaten to kill time and then on to yakiniku! The weather forecast said 30% chance of rain. I mainly wanted to see the yozakura and luckily it didn't rain!

At least until 8:30. Yozakura is always better.

Best thing about Shiga is that its not overrun with foreign tourists making you feel like you're in China.
Love this shot.

Taking a short detour back to the car when it started to drizzle.

Probably the best view at Miidera is just outside it.


Antspace said...

"The word baka may or may not have been used." LOL!
Great photo's btw. : )
I'm slightly frustrated missing the hanami this year >_<

Shane said...

I'll check this out on Friday after work!

Aarrrr said...

Where are pictures of Miho?!

dgundam said...

lol so true about the tourists!

im a dumb foreigner and went i went there last year i was surpirsed by the huge amounts of chinese tourists. kinda annoying too since a lot of them are rude.

im just curious mike, how much is a plane flight ticket to japan from australia anyway (your from aus right?)?
from china to japan?

from where i live it costs 2500$ for a flight to japan.

just curious since i keep on seeing u going multiple times to japan.

nice pictures as always.

Akiramike said...

dgundam, I can write a whole post about Chinese tourists in Japan. Seriously the worst.
This time it cost me about $1200 return direct Aust to Narita. If you keep an eye out you can get $1k or less. Cheapest return I've ever gotten was $800.