Thursday, April 09, 2015

Better Half starring Mano Erina, Kazama Shunsuke, Nakamura Ataru and Katagiri Jin

Edit: Didn't realise Nakamura Ataru was actually a newhalf. lol. Her singing voice had no hint she was born a dude.

A bit sick of sakura pictures so I'll post about Himeji later. Unfortunately no Mano Erina concert this trip but for the first time I get to watch Mano-chan and Kazama Shunsuke who did a great job in Soredemo Ikite Yuku on stage!

Went to Shimokitazawa where Shimokita Glory Days was set.

Any jdrama about struggling theatre actors is also set here.

The premise of Better Half is that Kaazama Shunsuke's senpai played by Katagiri Jin used Kazama's face for a dating site and has been mailing with a girl.

Senpai sends Kazama in is stead for the date with Mano Erina. However, Mano Erina like Kazama is also the body double of her friend played by Nakamura Ataru who is a pianist and a newhalf.

Add to that you have Mano-chan playing a character who wants to get into the entertainment business and works at a derihealth and you have a recipe for a lot of comedy.

If you don't know about Japanese health business, go watch Ushijimakun.

Mano-chan gets a lot of dirty comedy from shouting fellatio many times to being Nakamura's sex master eg teaching her the difference between sumata and honban.

I was really surprised to get the tickets this easily cause today's performance included a Mano Erina talk.

It was really funny. Nakamura's newhalf pianist was the most developed and she gave most great musical performances.

The other three just weren't developed that well but its more of a comedy play and it had me in stitches throughout.

Acting-wise everyone was good but Nakamura Ataru stole the show.

The after show talk with Mano Erina was baaically the director making fun of her.

The director Kokami Shoji said that she was too thin and Erina said that she was told she needed to be thinner to get into acting. The director said that guys' idea of thin and girls' idea of thin were different. Totally agree and Erina is cuter with more meat.

Mano-chan thanked her fans for coming cause 90% of the audience stayed for the talk and braving the rain cause it always runs everytime she was an event which is true caused its rained the 3 times I've gone o her live. Kokami Shoji accussed Erina for being ame onna (rain woman) and she blames the rain is caused by her fans gathering.

Mano Erina also said she's been doing a lot of roles where she has to use unusual (dirty) words. Komaki Shoji asked her what role she wants to play and Erina said something to do with sports cause she likes swimming and basketball. The director said I want to see you in a swimsuit, let's to a play call Swimming Monogatari.

OMFG. Among the flyers I got is this for a Legend of Galactic Heroes play in June! By the crest of Kaiser Reinhart! I'm completely out of annual leave.

Really fun. First professional play I've seen and it was great.

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