Monday, April 13, 2015

The best tonkatsu in Japan is in Takadanobaba

There are two tonkatsu places worth going to. If anyones tries to tell you Tonkatsu Wako is good, just laugh at them for liking that average place.


Narikura opens at 11 am and I arrived at 11:30 for a half an hour wait.

Of course I went for the toku (special) roast katsu for 2180 yen.

There's another 20 minute wait while they fry the tonkatsu. They let people in in batches instead of one person in anytime someone leaves.

Is it worth the money?

Oh yeah. Juicy and tender. Slightly bland compared to Tonta (requires more sauce) but still a cut above everything else.


The 2nd shop in Takadanobaba is Tonta.

Just go toku roast at the right for 2160 yen.

The volume is not as much as Narikura but its jucier.

Worth the money? Hell yeah. I don't recommend the hire katsu though.

You can find the map to Narikura here:
Scroll down for map and show it to someone if you get lost. Please not it is closed on Tuesdays and the hours are 11 to 2 and 5 to 10pm.

Link to Tonta's map is here:
Its closed on Monday and Sunday.

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